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Baylor University Introduces New Concentrations For Online MBA

Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business has introduced three new concentrations to its online MBA program.

Starting this fall, students will be able to add marketing, cybersecurity, and executive communication as concentrations.

“The MBA environment is very dynamic and it’s vital for schools to continually review program offerings,” Timothy R. Kayworth, Ph.D., associate dean for graduate business programs and professor of information systems, says in a press release. “Five years ago, Baylor launched its first online degree – the MBA. This year, we are pleased to add concentrations that will enable students to focus on specific business interests in marketing, cybersecurity and executive communication.”


According to Baylor, the concentration in marketing for its online MBA is “designed to give students a deeper understanding of advertising, branding, communications, and consumer behavior and provides a foundation in advanced business administration while focusing on the marketing skills students need to help virtually any business succeed.”

The concentration in cybersecurity “addresses the growing concern in every industry that relies on information technology and provides students with the transferrable skills necessary to meet that concern and combines current business management tools with a cutting-edge cybersecurity curriculum.”

Those interested in executive communication will be able to “build expertise in verbal and non-verbal forms of communication and prepare to communicate effectively to groups inside and outside of businesses and organizations.”

Specifically, according to Baylor University, the executive communication concentration for its online MBA is designed to give students a broad communication background by emphasizing the practical application of theory through skill-building.

“In this rapidly changing environment, students want an online program that offers value and a recognizable brand because learning is critical,” Kayworth says. “Everyone wants to advance their career, but students select Baylor’s online MBA to learn today so they can apply that learning in their job immediately.”

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