Getting Into Both Harvard & Stanford: What It Takes

Triple-Admit MBA Offers Application Tips

Most applicants are more than thrilled to get into a top B-school.

But getting accepted to three? That’s exactly what Farah Azmi was able to accomplish. Azmi was admitted to Harvard Business School (HBS), Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In an interview with Business Insider, she shares insights and tips into how she got into three top-ranking B-schools.


The class average GMAT score for the latest entering cohort at HBS was 728. At Northwestern’s Kellogg, the average landed at 727 and at Wharton it was 722.

Azmi, who aimed to get 700+, recommends dedicating time exclusively to GMAT prep to be adequately prepared.

“I personally would recommend taking the GMAT well before you’re planning to apply,” she tells Business Insider. “Between gathering recommendations and doing your essays, you don’t want to add the GMAT to the list.”


People with consulting and finance backgrounds tend to seek an MBA. Azmi, who worked in investment banking at Barclays and corporate strategy at Tommy Hilfiger, decided to focus her story on her personal story rather than just highlight her professional achievements.

“When I wrote the first drafts, I wrote my essay as if I was writing my personal journal,” she tells Business Insider. “I reflected on my immigrant childhood and how I was bullied for my skin tone and appearance. I reflected how it felt being poor and wearing garage sale clothing. I shared things that I absolutely hated sharing to people on a regular basis.” 


Admissions officers want to see applications that are specific to their business school to ensure an applicant will be a good fit for the culture and community.

Azmi recommends reaching out to students in order to understand each school’s culture and campus life.

“I asked coworkers to connect me,” she tells Business Insider. “I even attended some of the club conferences on campus to meet people. This is incredibly important as you shape your essay, since each school is so different and has a different culture.”

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