Meet Microsoft’s MBA Class Of 2020: Olu Akande

Olu Akande

MBA Program: Howard University

MBA Concentration: Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Undergraduate School and Major: University of Maryland: College Park, B.S. in Kinesiology

Current Title: Product Marketing Manager

How would you describe your role to your mother? My job is to make sure that our products find the right people at the right place and time.

A fun fact about me people would be surprised to know is…I am a big plant lover and have an ever-growing collection.

What was your greatest personal or professional accomplishment? It was graduating from business school with a 4.0, moving across the county to start my new career with Microsoft, and welcoming a baby girl with my wife all in the span of one year.

Why did you choose to work at MSFT? Culture, mission, and values.

What did you love about the business school you attended? Not being the minority and working alongside so many smart and talented people of color

What does being a “Microsftie” mean to you? Taking the value and mission of the company beyond work and bringing it into my everyday life.

Which manager or peer has had the biggest impact on you at MSFT and how has he or she made you a better in your role? Dan Fennell- Previous Manager.

Dan helped me understand the power of telling a story and bringing people together to influence change.

What has Covid-19 taught you about yourself since you started working at MSFT? I’m resilient and can find the silver lining in many situations.


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