Meet the EPGP Class of 2023: Akshay V Bharadwaj, IIM Bangalore

Akshay V Bharadwaj

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

“As long as the sun comes up each day, you will find me smiling.”

Hometown: Bangalore, Karnataka

Fun Fact About Yourself: I love to travel and try street food wherever I go. I am also a cricket-mad person; I often slept with the bat next to me. You are most likely to find me playing cricket with my nephew at home during my leisure time.

Undergraduate School and Major: Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering, BMSCE, Bangalore

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Deputy Financial Advisor, Ministry of Railways

Aside from your classmates, what was the key part of IIM Bangalore’s MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? Quality of connections with the Industry. Bangalore, being a technology and start-up hub, offers more in terms of learning for those who have a keen eye for it. It was important in the sense that it gave exposure to the kind of business problems companies were already trying to dabble with.

What has been your favorite course or extracurricular activity at IIM Bangalore? What has been the most important lesson that you have learned from it? I have been deeply influenced by the Bhagavad Gita elective course (Management context). It gives a great perspective on how to lead life in general, in addition to managing the work place challenges. It is an invaluable course.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: Well, I would think Civil Services was a high point in my career. It made me a more capable and balanced person.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far: For me, it is about looking forward to the learnings of each day at this fantastic place. Keeping myself fresh and ready, to absorb the content, has been the only target; I think I have done that so far.

What is your class’s favorite hangout away from school? Why do you gather there? High Tide!! It is close-by, has good food, and ambience, and makes a perfect setting for any kind of gathering.

What led you to pursue an MBA at this point and what do you hope to do after graduation? Civil Services gave me a great canvas to understand the government side of things. At the same time, I felt it would add a lot of value to also be equipped with quality business education, especially in current times where business landscapes are changing very quickly. Post-MBA, I would love to take up roles in suitable companies where my engineering background, and experience as an administrator would allow me to handle leadership roles in an effective manner. I strongly believe that we all individuals need to make this a better planet to live in, going forward. It is the same thought that would drive my career as well.

What advice would you give to help potential applicants gain admission into IIM Bangalore? Would like to say a few things here. Please spend some time with yourself, try and understand your motivations for doing an MBA. I find that this softer aspect is often neglected; however, this realization can give you tremendous energy to work. Once you have clarity on this aspect, the rest will follow. Also, avoid comparing yourself with others. Each one of us can use our strengths to create something fantastic in the path they choose. This awareness must always be there. And lastly, keep that desire to learn and excel, alive every day.


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