Meet The HEC Paris Alumni: Laura Peláez Suárez

Laura Peláez Suárez

Class / Grad Year: Class of 2023

Current Employer / Role: Paramount Global / Content Distribution Manager

Best Memory at School:
HEC’s sports facilities are perfect for sports enthusiasts. Many days, I used to dress in sportswear in the morning and take advantage of the first break, which coincided with lunchtime, to play tennis. Although I only had 10 minutes to prepare for the next class, it was worth it. I loved following that morning ritual.
One of the books recommended to me, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School,” explained how practicing sports with others helps you understand how they will perform in a professional setting. I started paying a lot of attention to that, and it was very enjoyable to observe things like who called a ball out when it was in, who would win even after starting off losing, or who was always willing to reserve the court and bring extra rackets.

Biggest Achievement at School:
I would say reaching your graduation day, looking around, and seeing a network of people with whom you want and need to stay connected personally and professionally, regardless of the distance that may separate you in your next career destination.

Your Advice to Incoming first years:
We all have unique goals, destinations, and ambitions. During the MBA, you spend a lot of time with people whose dreams may be very different from yours, and sometimes it’s easy to feel lost because not everyone finds their path as quickly as others do. I believe the important thing is to get where you want to go and not stress about reaching the goal before others do.

Where do you currently live?:
I was fortunate enough to be offered a great job in Madrid that allows me to continue growing in an international environment.

Fun fact about you:
I associate each day with a song. When I wake up, I ask myself, “What mood am I in today?” and I choose a song that matches that feeling. Then, I listen to it on Spotify on repeat throughout the day: while I shower, have breakfast, take the bus to work, before sleeping… I once listened to Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” more than 20 times in a single day.

Why did you choose your school?:
I chose HEC for its prestige. I was looking for a business school with a strong reputation in France, with history and significance in this country. I selected a school that, in addition to having a quality MBA program, was a symbol in other educational areas and masters as well.

What student organizations did you join?:
With limited time, I made a deliberate choice to fully engage in activities related to the audiovisual field and sports. Among the many experiences, one of my most cherished memories is my participation in the MBAT, the HEC Paris MBA Tournament that gathers more than 1,500 students from several business schools for 3-days of sports competitions.

Favorite Trait in Others:
I need to talk about two. Integrity and consideration for others.

One Thing You Would’ve Changed in the MBA Experience:
The widespread impatience to reach the goal before even starting the journey.

Favorite Class?:
My favorite class, Advanced Strategy, is part of the Strategy specialization. I use several negotiation and strategy tools I learned during these sessions in my current job. I would highlight the variety of cases analyzed, the quality of classes that effectively balanced theory and practice through simulations and the analysis of practical cases with cross-industry relevance. Of course, our professor, Gonçalo Pacheco de Almeida, is greatly responsible for many of us learning efficiently while still enjoying the process.

One secret to Success:
Effort, never giving up. You can always hit the ball one more time. I like to think of a quote by Muhammad Ali when I need extra motivation: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”

What is your biggest regret?:
I have long held the belief that each choice should signify a meaningful progression. I am striving to be more courageous, recognizing that a step back at a certain moment can equate to myriad advancements.

What is the next thing you’re going to do on your bucket list?:
During my time in Paris, I co-wrote the bible of a TV series with my best friend about a wedding planner who is forced to leave her old life behind and starts organizing personalized themed funerals in Northern Ireland. My wish is to see it on television someday.

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