Meet The HEC Paris Alumni: Parveen Karjiker

Parveen Karjiker

Class / Grad Year: Class of 2023

Current Employer / Role: Eli Lilly

Best Memory at School:
The people at HEC Paris. My classmates are truly amazing individuals. We had this collaborative spirit, helping each other along our respective journeys.

Biggest Achievement at School:
Learning to navigate European bureaucracy

Your Advice To Incoming first years:
Be curious. Keep an open mind even if you think that you have a detailed plan worked out. The best experiences and opportunities arise when you take a chance on something that you had not previously considered.

Where do you currently live?:

Fun fact about you:
Grateful to always be living the dream even when I am not living the dream.

Why did you choose your school?:
So many reasons! HEC Paris was the best fit for me and the environment I was looking for.

What student organizations did you join?:
All of them. Join all of them. Then choose which ones you would like to take up leadership positions and/be active. You never know which topic or event might interest you. There is so much to learn!

Favorite Trait in Others:

One Thing You Would’ve Changed in the MBA Experience:
After listening to the experiences of MBAs at schools around the world, one realizes that no MBA or business school is perfect. As one of the academic representatives for my cohort, we constantly shared ideas and feedback most of which was implemented as the course progressed. Our class has also given HEC Paris detailed feedback on proposed changes to improve the program and experience for future cohorts.

Favorite Class:
There were so many! TEC (The Executive Committee on Campus), Leading with Savoir, Ethics at the monastery, Advancement Management, Fundamentals of Negotiations, Organizational Behavior

One secret to Success:

What is your biggest regret?
I am grateful for my time at HEC, grateful that I made the most of my time and would not do any of it differently. I learnt from all my experiences. The MBA is about constantly changing priorities.

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