Wharton, NYU Stern & Michigan Ross Release MBA Application Deadlines and Essays

Wharton School with downtown Philadelphia in the background

Application deadlines are coming out fast and furious. Harvard Business School posted their deadlines for the Class of 2027 last week. Before that, you’ll find admissions timelines for Columbia Business School, Yale SOM, INSEAD, UC-Berkeley Haas, UCLA Anderson, and many more.

Today, more big names unveiled their application deadlines for the 2024-2025 application cycle: Wharton, NYU Stern School of Business, and Michigan Ross School of Business.

Wharton students walk along Locust Walk at the University of Pennsylvania. Courtesy photo


The biggest name is the Wharton School. Like Harvard Business School, first round submissions are due on September 4, with the deadlines for round 2 and round 3 applications being January 3 and April 2, respectively. In addition, the Wharton School offers a deferred admissions round, with the cutoff date being April 23. In all cases, applications are due at 5:00 p.m. EST.

According to Wharton’s website, first round interview invitations will be extended on October 24. Round 1 decisions will then be rendered on December 10. For round 2, invites will come out on February 19, followed by decisions on April 1 (which is certain to lend itself to April Fool’s jokes). In round 3, invites and decisions arrive on April 18 and May 13 respectively. When it comes to Wharton’s deferrals round, candidates will receive interview requests on May 29 followed by decisions on July 1.

Like the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, Wharton MBA applicants will be asked to complete two essays:

Essay 1: How do you plan to use the Wharton MBA program to help you achieve your future professional goals? You might consider your past experience, short and long-term goals, and resources available at Wharton. (500 words)

Essay 2: Taking into consideration your background – personal, professional, and/or academic – how do you plan to make specific, meaningful contributions to the Wharton community? (400 words)

In addition, reapplicants must complete a 250-word essays outlining how they “have reflected and grown since [their] previous application”, as well as updating the admissions committee on items like new coursework, promotions, or volunteer engagements. At the same time, applicants can submit an optional essay addressing areas such as work gaps or mediocre academic performance. This essay has a 500-word limit.

Upon deeper consideration, MBA candidates may also be selected for Wharton’s legendary Team-Based Discussions (TBD), a half-hour exercise where candidates work in 4-5 member teams to deliver a presentation to Wharton students and decision-makers.

NYU Stern MBA Students


At New York University’s Stern School, the first deadline hits on September 16, nearly two weeks later than the Wharton School. This is followed by an initial notification on December 1. Unlike most full-time American MBA programs, NYU Stern squeezes in a second deadline for a spot in the Class of 2027, which comes on October 16 (with a subsequent notification on January 1). From there, the school maintains two deadlines in 2025: January 16 and April 16. Third deadline applicants will receive initial notification from Stern by April 1, while the rest will be contacted on an ongoing basis.

Like the Wharton School, NYU Stern boasts unique application requirements. That starts with the Pick Six Essay, where students select six photos accompanied by a one sentence caption to reflect the passions and pursuits. Consider it a conversation starter that spotlights who candidates are beyond their academic achievements and professional credentials. Along with a 150-word introduction and a 500-word optional essay, Stern also assigns an essay around its identity – “Change. Dare it. Dream it. Drive it”that is also the structure of its revamped core curriculum. Here, MBA applicants select one word to accompany “Change” to show how change has impacted their personal narrative and how they will embrace it at Stern – all in 350 words.

In addition, Stern unveiled deadlines for its Luxury and Retail and Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA programs, each of which starts during the summer of 2025. Both maintain four deadlines, which come on September 6, November 6, January 6, and February 6.

Ross MAP team in Switzerland


Finally, the University of Michigan’s Ross School squeezes its first-round deadline between Wharton and Stern on September 9. These candidates will receive their admissions decisions by December 6. Thus far, Ross is holding to three rounds. The second-round deadline is scheduled for January 6. After that, decisions will arrive by March 14. The final round deadline and decision for Ross is slated for March 24 and May 2 respectively.

This year, the Ross School has overhauled its essay questions. During the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, Ross supplied two groups of questions, requiring applicants to write a 100-word response to a question from each group. By the same token, candidates addressed a question related to their short-term goals in 150 words. This year, Ross has posted new questions that require longer responses:

Part 1: Ross Experiences in Action-Based Learning (REAL)

At Michigan Ross, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. In our Full-Time MBA Program, you will put your skills and knowledge to the test in real-world situations with real stakes.
How will this learning environment benefit you, and how do you plan to contribute to the action-based learning experience? (300 words)

Part 2: How will you make an impact at Michigan Ross?

Michigan Ross is proud to support a community of leaders and impact makers. As a future member of this community, we want to know more about who you are and what drives you. Please choose 1 of the following prompts to tell us more about what makes you stand out beyond your academic and work experience. List the prompt you are answering at the top of your response. (200 words)

  • What makes you unique?
  • Can you provide a specific example of how you’ve overcome a personal challenge?
  • What makes you excited to get up each morning?
  • Describe a time when you made a difference in your community or with an individual.

Part 3: Career Aspirations

What is your short-term career goal, and how will Ross help you achieve it? (200 words)

Like the Wharton School and NYU Stern, Ross provides room for an optional essay too (at 250 words).

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