Stanford GSB | Mr. Aviation Geek
GMAT 740, GPA 4.0
MIT Sloan | Mr. Future Tech Consultant
GRE 323, GPA 3.81
Wharton | Ms. Product Manager
GMAT 730, GPA 3.4
Tepper | Mr. Climb The Ladder
GRE 321, GPA 3.1
Kellogg | Mr. Startup Supply Chain Manager
GMAT 690, GPA 3.64
Kenan-Flagler | Mr. MBA Prospect
GRE 318, GPA 3.4
Stanford GSB | Ms. Engineering To Finance
GRE 333, GPA 3.76
Stanford GSB | Ms. Indian Non-Engineer
GMAT 760, GPA 9.05/10
Wharton | Mr. Indian Engineer + MBA Now In Consulting
GMAT 760, GPA 8.7 / 10
Darden | Mr. MBB Aspirant/Tech
GMAT 700, GPA 3.16
MIT Sloan | Mr. Marine Combat Arms Officer
GMAT 710, GPA 3.3
Stanford GSB | Ms. Anthropologist
GMAT 740, GPA 3.3
Kellogg | Mr. PM To Tech Co.
GMAT 720, GPA 3.2
UCLA Anderson | Ms. Tech In HR
GMAT 640, GPA 3.23
MIT Sloan | Mr. Electrical Agri-tech
GRE 324, GPA 4.0
MIT Sloan | Mr. Aker 22
GRE 332, GPA 3.4
Duke Fuqua | Ms. Consulting Research To Consultant
GMAT 710, GPA 4.0 (no GPA system, got first (highest) division )
Stanford GSB | Mr. Future Tech In Healthcare
GRE 313, GPA 2.0
Cornell Johnson | Ms. Environmental Sustainability
GMAT N/A, GPA 7.08
Harvard | Mr. Gay Singaporean Strategy Consultant
GMAT 730, GPA 3.3
Stanford GSB | Ms. Creative Data Scientist
GMAT 710, GPA 3.0
UCLA Anderson | Mr. Military To MGMNT Consulting
GMAT 740, GPA 3.7
MIT Sloan | Mr. Agri-Tech MBA
GRE 324, GPA 4.0
Wharton | Mr. Data Scientist
GMAT 740, GPA 7.76/10
Harvard | Ms. Nurturing Sustainable Growth
GRE 300, GPA 3.4
MIT Sloan | Ms. Senior PM Unicorn
GMAT 700, GPA 3.18
Harvard | Mr. Lieutenant To Consultant
GMAT 760, GPA 3.7

Alex Min

Chief Executive Officer

MBA Exchange

United States

Consultant Bio

Alex Min is the Chief Executive Officer of this consulting firm providing admissions and career services for applicants, students and graduates of the world’s leading graduate schools including Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, MIT, Northwestern, UChicago, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, NYU, UCLA, INSEAD, London Business School, Instituto de Empresa (IE), Oxford, Indian School of Business, and over 60 additional institutions around the world. He is an MBA graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Company Information


Founded in 1996, our performance has been independently reported by a Certified Public Accounting firm. We proudly lead all 73 firms ranked on with the highest number of admits and 4+ star ratings. We’re the first firm in the admissions consulting industry to provide such proof of performance. Furthermore, we are accredited with an A+ Rating for service quality by the Better Business Bureau, recognizing us for a complaint-free record of client satisfaction.


We know that applicants have full-time jobs, family obligations and a social life. So, The MBA Exchange remains accessible to them seven days a week, including evenings and holidays. We respond to our clients within hours, not days.


We feature more former admissions professionals, adcoms, evaluators and interviewers from more schools than any other firm in the world. Our consultants come from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Chicago, Tuck, Kellogg, Yale, Cornell, Fuqua, INSEAD, London Business School and other top schools. These professionals are committed exclusively to The MBA Exchange and to your admissions success. You get the intimate 1-on-1 service of a boutique plus the resources of an entire firm.


Our team includes seasoned business professionals with the experience to help differentiate you from your competitors. Regardless of your industry or function, our consultants have either worked in it, consulted to it, or helped applicants from it crack top b-schools. Some of our consultants are full-time while others have complementary business interests that add freshness and energy to the engagement. Our team is based in 11 countries worldwide and has served clients from over 70 countries. We have an intimate understanding of the nuances and subtleties of nationality, ethnicity and culture.


We don’t dole out personalized admissions guidance via blogs, podcasts and online forums for applicants who are competing against our clients. We also don’t publish guides or books that would only dilute the effectiveness of proven strategies by helping thousands of other applicants. At The MBA Exchange, our sole focus is on you and your admissions success. Our expertise becomes your competitive advantage. We put our customized guidance to work exclusively for the benefit of each client on our limited roster, not their competitors.


The best way to begin your MBA admissions journey is with our candid assessment of your competitive strengths, vulnerabilities and target schools. No cost, no obligation. Just visit our website and tell us about yourself.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs


Gaining admission to highly selective business schools requires a combination of analysis, planning, strategic guidance and tactical support. Our Comprehensive Consultation ensures that your admissions campaign will be authentic, effective and efficient, from start to finish.


  • GMAT and GRE test preparation
  • Test anxiety counseling
  • Social media profile optimization
  • Translation services
  • Video essay coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Team-based discussion prep
  • Waitlist coaching & support
  • AppCheck™ application review
  • Post-admit background verification
  • MyAdcom™ application test
  • Ding analysis and feedback

Location: United States

Phone: +1 888-305-5553



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • The MBA Exchange - Thorough, Knowledgeable, Superb Admissions Consultants
    1 year ago
    The MBA Exchange played an integral role in helping transform my application from average to excellent. The consultants took the time to understand who I am as a person, professional, and applicant. They were able to combine my work experience with my goals and personality to create an authentic portrayal of who I am. The consultants were extremely professional and very timely with their work turnaround. They were honest in their critiques (something that I believe is essential and invaluable) and provided detailed direction on how to improve. I would not have been accepted into my preferred program without their help, and sincerely refer them to anyone in search of an admissions consultant. I cannot emphasize how effective and valuable the knowledge that the MBA ...
    Read the full review
    William McCue
    EMBA Class of 2022 Admit
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  • The Best Partner You'll Find In This Process!
    2 years ago
    Alex and the MBA Exchange are simply in a league of their own. Far from being just another group of consultants, the MBA Exchange truly becomes your best partner. Their level of service and the quality of their insights are extraordinary!! Throughout the whole process, Alex demonstrated the highest levels of professionality and his profound knowledge of the arcane admissions world. From exploring potential essay ideas to planning interview strategies, Alex's support was absolutely crucial. I'm very glad I chose to work with them and would gladly work with them again.
    Class of 2021 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Alex Min's MBA Exchange Goes Above & Beyond For Their Clients
    3 years ago
    Within the first hour of speaking with Alex Min over the phone, his targeted insight into the MBA admissions process became readily apparent. The MBA Exchange as a whole treats their clients with warmth, respect, and truly personalized care. Every cent I spent for their services was paid back one hundred-fold with respect to the knowledge I gained and the level of preparedness I was able to achieve for the grueling admissions process. My only regret is that I did not seek them out sooner. An MBA can have lifelong implications, and the MBA Exchange goes out of their way to give their clients the best chance at positioning themselves toward the future they want. Even after completing the admissions process, having earned acceptance to ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2021 Admit
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  • A+ Admissions Consulting
    3 years ago
    Bottom Line Up Front: The admissions consulting service that Alex Min at The MBA Exchange provided exceeded all expectations. His guidance was a key factor in getting accepted into both HBS & HKS! I HIGHLY recommend The MBA Exchange to anyone applying to an elite graduate school! More info: The MBA Exchange was clearly the best choice when it came time for me to choose an admissions consulting firm. From our first conversation, it was clear that Alex not only possessed the professional tools & insider’s knowledge to help me compete for a spot at HBS/HKS, but he also cared deeply about my success. Of all the firms I contacted, only Alex displayed this level of commitment and care (traits that ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2021 Admit
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  • Alex Min + MBA Exchange = Recipe for Success
    3 years ago
    Alex is a consummate professional and I credit him very highly in helping me get admission into a top-tier business school. As the CEO, Alex embodies what the MBA Exchange stands for in terms of caring for their clients and providing very specific and actionable advice. I know I would have done well working with any of the consultants in the firm, but I must say it was a genuine pleasure working with Alex. My case was a little unusual because we had to work through a couple of waitlists in our first year of working together before finally getting acceptance the following year. Alex guided me through every single step of the process with very prompt and sound advice. Alex has a deep understanding ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2021 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Outstanding MBA Consultant for Veterans
    5 years ago
    When I started my applications I was military officer who knew next to nothing about MBA admissions. Six months later I was admitted to four of the five Top 10 MBA programs that I applied to (including my top three choices). I could not have pulled that off with out Alex's help. At every stage of the application process Alex's insight and advice was invaluable. Alex is much more that a proofreader. As a former admissions committee member he brings a deep understanding of what top schools look for in an applicant, and the best ways to demonstrate those qualities in your application. Before hiring him I had no idea how much I didn't know. I am now certain the applications I would have submitted ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2016 Admit
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  • MBA Exchange is a MUST for prospective MBA students
    5 years ago
    I was thoroughly impressed with the assistance I received from Alex and MBA exchange. His advice and the rigor that he introduced to the application process are largely responsible for the fact that I was accepted by many of my top choice schools. Alex brought order to the chaos of the MBA application process and instituted deadlines that allowed me to tackle the multiple items that I needed to complete to submit my applications. At every step of the admissions process he was there to provide me with the MBA exchange guide for each item and to walk me through what I needed to do to accomplish that step. I enthusiastically recommend Alex and MBA Exchange for all students who are seeking admissions to a ...
    Read the full review
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