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Colleen Hill

Veritas Prep

Malibu, California

United States

Consultant Bio

As an MBA student at Ross, Colleen can provide you with the most up-to-date program knowledge to help you navigate your way in. With industry experience in nonprofits, international development, education, and operations, Colleen can help you craft your unique story to stand out to the admissions committee. Although she is a Southern California native, and a graduate of UCLA, this adventurous consultant has lived and worked in Egypt, Tanzania, Jordan, and Peru. She’s friendly and always smiling, but won’t waste your time when helping you craft your application; she’s also known to be logical and direct. As a re-applicant she went through the admissions process twice and appreciates how valuable insight can be in this process.  Colleen understands the importance of getting it right the first time around!

Colleen specializes in admissions consulting for those on non-traditional career paths and for those with low GPA/GMAT scores.

Company Information

Veritas Prep
From its 2002 launch on the campus of Yale University, to serving more than 50,000 MBA applicants over the past decade, Veritas Prep has been fueled by the desire to help applicants get admitted to their dream schools. Its team includes more former MBA admissions directors and associate directors from top programs than any other admissions consulting firm.
Check out the Veritas Prep website today to see why Veritas Prep is the leader in MBA admissions consulting.

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Free Admissions Consulting Workshops:
Join a Veritas Prep admissions consultant as we break down the most important things you need to be aware of when applying to business school. You’ll learn what admission officers look for in successful applicants and come away with a better understanding of your own application strengths and weaknesses.
Visit the Veritas Prep website for more information about their services, prices, and admissions consulting team.

Location: Malibu, California, United States

Phone: 310-456-8716



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