Grace Conway

Senior Consultant

Avanti Prep

Cambridge, Massachusetts

United States

Consultant Bio

Grace Conway is a Senior Consultant at Avanti Prep, a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm. Grace is currently an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School and is graduating in May 2021. Prior to HBS, Grace spent several years working in the healthcare industry. Grace worked as a consultant at IMS Consulting Group and at health tech startup Flatiron Health in a business development and partnerships role. Grace also co-founded the Bay Area chapter of 100+ Who Care, a nonprofit organization that raises money for local charities. Grace has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and is from the Philadelphia area.

Company Information

Avanti Prep has built a first-class reputation for the quality, commitment, depth, and attention to detail that we deliver, as well as for our expertise across MBA admissions, storytelling, coaching, and messaging. We realize that’s more or less what everyone on here says, so the best recommendation we can make is to read the testimonials below.

Those testimonials provide detailed insight into how past clients viewed their experiences with Avanti Prep — and in many cases how those experiences compared to applicants’ previous experiences applying on their own or with another firm. The testimonials are often very specific, creating greater transparency with respect to process, thoroughness, impact, and results.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

Avanti Prep offers Workshops, Packages, Hourly Services, and à la carte Interview Prep, as well as Pre-Application Advisory and Career Services (details below).

Despite having one of the strongest reputations in the marketplace, our Hourly Services pricing ranks among the most affordable when measured against industry peers. On average, Avanti Prep clients save $43 to $123 *per hour* relative to similar marketplace offerings – for what we (and countless former clients) believe is a superior experience.

Our Interview Prep offering is similarly well regarded. The full 3-hour service includes an extended school-specific mock interview (~60 minutes) plus comprehensive feedback and response strategy (~120 minutes). Similarly priced offerings typically include only a 30- to 45-minute mock interview and a 30- to 45-minute feedback session.

We also offer discounted Pre-Application Advisory (for those planning to apply in the future) and Career Services (e.g., career guidance, resume and cover letter reviews). One of the greatest testaments to the quality we deliver and relationships we build is the fact that many of our former “application clients” reach out for Career Services once enrolled.

For more information, please visit, and sign up for a Free Consultation today!

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States



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