Berkeley Haas | Mr. Army Officer
GRE 325, GPA 3.9
Harvard | Mr. Italian In Tokyo
GMAT (710-740), GPA 4.0
Kellogg | Ms. Public School Teacher
GRE 325, GPA 3.93
Darden | Mr. Tech To MBB
GMAT 710, GPA 2.4
Stanford GSB | Ms. Education Reform
GRE 331 (Practice), GPA 2.92
Kellogg | Mr. IDF Commander
GRE Waved, GPA 3.0
Yale | Mr. Army Pilot
GMAT 650, GPA 2.90
Berkeley Haas | Mx. CPG Marketer
GMAT 750, GPA 3.95
Yale | Mr. Healthcare Geek
GMAT 680, GPA 3.5
USC Marshall | Mr. Low GPA High GMAT
GMAT 740, GPA 2.44
Berkeley Haas | Ms. Against All Odds
GMAT 720, GPA 2.9
Harvard | Mr. MedTech Startup
GMAT 740, GPA 3.80
GMAT -, GPA 2.9
Chicago Booth | Mr. Consulting Hopeful
GMAT 720, GPA 3.6
Kellogg | Mr. Operations Analyst
GMAT Waived, GPA 3.3
Harvard | Mr. Google Tech
GMAT 770, GPA 2.2
Wharton | Mr. Senior Analyst
GMAT 750, GPA 3.2
Stanford GSB | Mr. Future VC
GMAT 750, GPA 3.6
Stanford GSB | Ms. Access To Opportunities
GRE 318, GPA 2.9
Tuck | Mr. Product Marketer
GMAT 730, GPA 3.1
Wharton | Ms. Finance For Good
GMAT 730, GPA 3.7
UCLA Anderson | Mr. International PM
GMAT 730, GPA 2.3
Stanford GSB | Mr. Low GPA To Stanford
GMAT 770, GPA 2.7
London Business School | Mr. Midwest Engineer
GMAT 750, GPA 3.69
Harvard | Mr. Policy Development
GMAT 740, GPA Top 30%
Cambridge Judge Business School | Mr. Champion Swimmer
GMAT 750, GPA 3.7
MIT Sloan | Mr. NFL Team Analyst
GMAT 720, GPA 3.8


Mr. Civil Engineer

About Me:

I am a final year student looking to apply to the top deferred programs. Have held numerous campus leadership positions as well as worked in an NGO for women and children right for 2 years. Have had varied internships to find out my industry of interest most recently working for Colliers International as a Project Management Intern.


Undergrad School: Amity University

Undergrad Major: Civil Engineering

GPA: 8.9/10

GMAT: 770

Age: 22,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Director General at Amity International Model United Nations, President at Entrepreneurship Club of University, Part time work for 2 years at a Womens and Child Rights NGO

Work History:

Title: Teach For India Fellow

Industry: Nonprofit / B-Corp

Company: Major NGO/NPO

Length of Employment:

Big Life Wins:

Managed to increase membership of Entrepreneurship Club from 40 to 160 and also increased diversity in terms of gender and majors represented Pulled off the biggest MUN Conference on campus Delivered sessions on Child Sexual Abuse in over 100 low-income schools

Post MBA Goal:

Leverage my civil engineering and infrastructure expertise to move into Real Estate IB/PE or join a REIT. In the long run I want to launch an eREIT in India and develop products to bring tech and data into the real estate world.


Target School: Chicago Booth

Status: Open

Considering: Harvard, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Darden


The Experts Rate The Odds At: 41%

  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 40%

    Your 770 GMAT and 8.9 GPA in civil engineering speaks loudly in your application. And your big win boosting membership of the Entrepreneurship Club from 40 to 160 is a sign of how driven you are. Your future role as a Teach For India Fellow also shows your deep concern for others, along with the two years you spent volunteering for a women and child rights NGO. You would be a real asset to Chicago Booth and I think your chances of gaining an admit to its deferred admissions program are very good.

    4 months ago
  • mbaMission | Odds Assessment: 50%

    Hello Mr. Civil Engineer! Thanks for posting. WOW 770!!! Great stuff. Combine that with your NGO experience in the past plus your Teach for India experience coming up and there is a lot to like here. Can I convince you to add Yale Silver Scholars to the list?? I think they’ll like you a lot, and given the sorts of things you do when you’re not being an engineer, I think you’ll like them too. As a Booth grad myself, I love that you have Booth at the top of your list! Assuming strong application execution, I think you’ll do well in this process.
    All the best,

    3 months ago
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling | Odds Assessment: 40%

    Hi Mr. Civil Engineer, This is Donna Bauman, Senior MBA Admissions Counselor at Stratus Admissions—and my first thought is just wow! You have a lot to offer and good for you in being so organized to know about MBA options in college. There has never been more options for deferred admit MBA programs so I do encourage you to give these your best shot. Your STEM background combined with your social impact interests in working as Teach For India fellow bring out both the poet and quant in you. I think that the relationships you can build with Booth around PE could be very valuable to you—while it might not happen for a few years—I could see you taking advantage of their pre MBA internships …

    3 months ago Read the full review
  • The MBA Exchange | Odds Assessment: 35%

    Hi, this is Deepak Punwani from MBA Exchange. You are a very strong candidate and are ticking all the boxes for most top schools. So am going to approach this a little differently. Am not really sure how the deferred program fits into your career goals. Real estate IB or PE is more about finance than about civil engineering. While that justifies the need for an MBA (to pick the finance and commercial side of things and then match it with your engineering acumen), it still doesn’t explain the justification for looking at a deferred program. If your goal is to enter IB on buy side or work in a buy side investment role then you would need that on your CV as pre MBA …

    3 months ago Read the full review

The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 28%

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  • 60% | 4 months ago

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