Mr. Odyssey

About Me:

I have 5 yrs work experience for an OEM automotive company. I have worked everywhere from the production line to R&D and have experience presenting to domestic and international executives for million dollar budget requests. I would like to utilize an MBA to transition to the corporate strategy side of automotive to spearhead the EV future.


Target School: Georgetown McDonough

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Lehigh University

Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineer

GPA: 3

GMAT: 690

Age: 27,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Diversity & Inclusion Panel: Volunteer representative leading team on updating organization’s job postings to contain more inclusive diction to promote URM applicants. Leading team designing division exit interview surveys and integrating data into the current database systems. | Instructor for Skid Car driving sessions to educate high schoolers on loss of control recovery in a controlled environment. Leading lectures on the underlying physics behind tire dynamics.

Work History:

Title: Lead Product Engineer

Industry: Automotive

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 1 mos

Title: Project Engineer/Manager

Industry: Automotive

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

Began as a project manager on a collection of multimillion dollar production equipment projects for the assembly of future models. Transitioned to product engineer position working on the car designs where I have been promoted to a lead engineer managing a team of 5. I have skillsets for working with everyone from line associates to executives.

Post MBA Goal:

Automotive is going through a major transformation behind closed doors. Many of these changes will occur within the next 10 years and will impact the industry for the next few decades. I want to leverage my background in automotive engineering and return to the industry to work in product planning for the EV market.


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