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About Me:

I am a Chemical Engineer with overall 15years rich experience in Oil & Gas downstream refining business.                                        
– I am currently working as a Technical Proposal Manager for oil refining downstream industry, FCC and Treating technologies (which include UOP Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Propylene Recovery Unit, and UOP treating Technologies) – part of the Project Technology Group (aka Sales Support) within UOP’s Process Technology and Equipment business unit. The Projects Technology Group provides design concepts, optimized designs, and technical sales support to UOP’s customers.                                                     – – As a Program Manager/Project Manager at Honeywell UOP, I was directly responsible for delivering multiple solutions available in the portfolio based on a digital platform (IIoT solutions improving process reliability and performance, asset reliability and performance), people training, and performance through training simulators, etc.                                            
– As a refinery process engineer, I have contributed to the implementation of refinery energy-saving projects, improving refinery reliability, start-up & commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting of FCC/PRU/SHP/TAME units.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: VTU BGM

Undergrad Major: BE CHEM

GPA: 3.8

GRE: 320

Age: 38,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: Six Sigma Green Belt

Extracurriculars: (1) Supported 3 needy families (all diagnosed Covid+ and in serious condition) during 2nd Covid wave in India during April-May 2021 for delivering home cooked food, medicines, research on credible leads for Oxygen concentrators, cylinders (2) Delivered lectures on "Women in the field of Science" and "Importance of STEM education" to >100 school children by collaborating with various NGOs like Agastya International Foundation (3) Collaborated with SEEDS to plant a tree and take care of the same (4) Participated in 4km run organized by AIESEC India to spread awareness about Sustainable Development Goals laid by the UN (5) Participating as a responsible Blood donor Few other important points - I had been a state level badminton player, University level TT player, regular performer in school & college as a singer and actor

Work History:

Title: Technical Proposal Manager

Industry: Power / Energy

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 3 mos

Title: Project Engineer

Industry: Power / Energy

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 8 mos

Big Life Wins:

– Over-achieved project financial milestones with 21% extra money in the challenging times of Covid and awarded by Honeywell Management amongst the top 10 performers worldwide.
– Led full redesign of solution delivery schedule with findings from projects segmentation, decreasing delivery schedule by 35%
– Created a project financial health reporting template, achieving 60% reduction in the preparation time of standard reporting format which is utilized by peers

Post MBA Goal:

After completing full-time MBA, my short term goal is to leverage my pre-MBA extensive and rich experience in energy industry to pursue an offering manager role in energy or renewables industry in companies like Shell, Exxon, Honeywell, Axens, etc.,

Long term goal is to work in an executive-level position in energy/renewables organization to reach my ultimate objective of positively impacting the global carbon footprint as a CEO of a global energy/renewable energy organization


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    Hi Mr. Prospective Renewable Energy, Julie-Anne Heafey here from mbaMission. So, clearly you’ve got some good accomplishments on the job, but I really hesitate with your profile because I don’t see anything on here that sings “Columbia” to me. Columbia really looks closely at fit, so making this connection clear is paramount when you apply. Apart from this, your age at 38 and extensive experience makes me wonder what program you’re targeting – is this an executive MBA and if so, which one? (I wonder because Harvard doesn’t have EMBAs, for example). Because I’m not clear on your fit for the school, which program you’re aiming for, and your goals (executing business leadership roles of what kind and how does …

    3 years ago Read the full review

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