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About Me:

Financial Consultant – Valuations. 13 years of work experience. Feels I’ve reached a knowledge pinnacle in my current role. Want to go through an MBA program to switch careers to a Strategy consultant. Get a holistic view of business. Would like to work for the Bain’s and McKinsey’s of the world to expand intellectually.


Target School: Chicago Booth

Considering: Kellogg SOM, IU Kelley

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Kettering University

Undergrad Major: Electrical Engineering

GPA: 89.60

GMAT: 640

Age: 35,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian


Work History:

Title: Senior Manager

Industry: Consulting

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 7 yrs

Title: Senior Associate

Industry: Consulting

Company: Fortune 100 Top 10

Length of Employment: 2 yrs

Big Life Wins:

Had the opportunity to lead my own valuation team very early in my career. Turned around the cash strapped group to a profitable $3 MM revenue. Given the opportunity to be part of the leadership team for a larger group ($10 MM) within the organization.

Post MBA Goal:

Short Term: Want to still be in consulting with an emphasis on strategy. Long Term: Would like to work in an industry that I gain expertise in during my consulting career and would like to be in an executive leadership role to set a path for the company.


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  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 15%

    Hi, it’s Nisha from mbaMission. It sounds like you’ve had very impactful and progressive experience in financial consulting. That said, I think it’ll be quite tough for you to enter a full-time MBA program at this point, for a few reasons 1. you’re well above the average re: years of work experience 2. relating to this point, consulting firms are used to recruiting candidates who are less far along in their career, and will hesitate to bring someone on for their post-MBA entry-level role in your range 3. Your 640 GMAT, which is below the average for the schools you’re targeting, and you’re already applying from a competitive demographic. 4. From what you’ve written, it doesn’t appear that you have extracurricular involvement – …

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