Ms. Cultural Consultant

About Me:

Born and raised in France, to Canadian, American, Spanish, and Greek parents and step-parents, I’m multilingual (French, English, Spanish) and possess three passports (American, French, Canadian). Studies have been focused in biology and life sciences, and my current consulting job is at a strategy boutique firm focused in healthcare.


Target School: INSEAD

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Stanford University

Undergrad Major: Interdisciplinary Life Sciences

GPA: 3.76

GMAT: 700

Age: 25,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Stanford Consulting, Bases (teaching science to elementary school children)

Work History:

Title: Senior Analyst

Industry: Consulting

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 4 mos

Title: Analyst

Industry: Consulting

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 6 mos

Post MBA Goal:

Long-term goal: C-suite executive at a large healthcare company. Post-MBA goal: transition out of consulting and into the industry (digital health), focusing on global strategy and growth. Determine long-term geography (Europe or USA).


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The Experts Rate The Odds At: 72%

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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 80%

    You sound like an absolutely perfect fit for INSEAD and INSEAD should be a perfect fit for you. Beyond what every elite MBA program looks for, INSEAD is keenly interested in candidates who have a multi-cultural global background. I personally love that you were born and raised in France,to Canadian, American, Spanish, and Greek parents and step-parents, that you can speak French, English, Spanish and have three passports. Your undergraduate degree from Stanford, your superb GPA of 3.76, your 700 GMAT and your record of accomplishment, including a promotion, as a consultant tell me you are more than qualified to knock it out of the park at the school. Start packing your bags for Fontainebleau or Singapore.

    4 years ago
  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 60%

    Hi, it’s Nisha from mbaMission! You’ve got such a well-rounded and international profile, with strong career progression in consulting, solid academics, and community impact with Stanford Consulting Bases. With that and your fluency in multiple languages, I think you’ll be an excellent fit for INSEAD.

    Your GMAT falls right within INSEAD’s range of 670-750, but I’m wondering if a higher score (if you feel like you can achieve it without an inordinate amount of effort) might increase your scholarship chances. But with a well-executed application that communicates your professional and personal impact clearly, explains the motivation behind your career goals in healthcare, and offers recommendations that attest to your strong performance, potential, and growth vs. peers, you’ll be a great candidate …

    4 years ago Read the full review
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 75%

    Ms. Cultural Consultant – Thanks for posting your profile. Susan Cera here from Stratus.

    There is a lot that INSEAD will love about your profile – multi-lingual, consulting background, solid stats from a top UG program. You check all of the boxes and your goals in healthcare consulting are aligned with where INSEAD can help you place.

    To get to 100% chance of acceptance, I would love to hear the personal story that drives the interest in healthcare. Perhaps it has to do with observing healthcare systems across the different countries you have ties to and recognizing that best practices should be shared and built on.

    Feel free to reach out for a profile evaluation. Wishing you all the best on your MBA application journey!

    4 years ago

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  • 60% | 4 years ago

  • 90% | 4 years ago

  • 60% | 4 years ago

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