Ms. Low GPA, Big Ambitions

About Me:

Looking to pursue my MBA in 2022. Will be applying in R1 next year. Background: South Asian female living in Canada, Born in India, Raised in another south Asian country. Speak 3 languages. Woman in Tech and Woman in Finance. Dream school: INSEAD because of its diversity and culture. Also aligns with my short and long term goals. Greate alumni network located globally. However, here are the other schools Ive done research on and spoken to alumni that piqued my interest – HEC Paris, LBS. Looking to apply to Europe and one or 2 US schools. GRE: Wrote the GRE once and scored 325. Since I’m quite far out from intake, I’m thinking of writing it again. GPA: Graduated with Honours Major in Econ, minor in stats, minor in political science from the University of Toronto. CGPA 2.64 – family issues (resulted in me travelling back home a lot during my undergrad) and overall immaturity (should have seeked out help). Cant go back and change it but wanted to know if taking a stats class in Jan from a local college will help. WE: Currently a business analyst in financial risk management at a top 5 bank in Toronto. Lots of experience working with teams situated across the world (India, Singapore, London, New York). Been at the bank for 2.5 years now(WE will be 4 years at matriculation). In line for a promotion and have interviews for a high position (albeit not manager level) at another bank. I also founded (Jun 2020) my own ecommerce brand that sources products from around the world and sells them in Canada. I manage a team of 4 where individuals are located in Canada, India, France. EC: Little bit of volunteering but adding to that soon! Prof. Designations – CFA level 1 complete in Jun 2019.


Target School: INSEAD

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: University of Toronto

Undergrad Major: Economics

GPA: 2.64

GRE: 2.64

Age: 26,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Founder - Ecommerce brand (June 2020), Mentorship - Mentor university students and recent graduates, Volunteer - Covid relief fund that helps marginalized communities in Pakistan

Work History:

Title: Business Analyst

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 6 mos

Big Life Wins:

1) Founding E-commerce brand, managing a staff of 4 located across the world. 2) Not sure if this is something I would put in my apps but – Did a 100% return on my portfolio over 8 months. Pretty much paying for my MBA this way.

Post MBA Goal:

Short term goals post MBA: Strategic Consulting (step learning curve, high paced environment) at a global firm. Long term goals post MBA: Own company focusing on providing reg tech solutions for fintech companies that operate globally.


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  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 20%

    Ms. Low GPA, Big Ambitions – Thanks for sharing your profile. Susan Cera here from Stratus. I like that you are thinking way ahead and taking steps to adjust your profile to be as strong as possible when you apply.
    While your GPA is unimpressive, it doesn’t have to result in a fast pass to the ding pile. Since INSEAD has students from all over the world who were graded on a variety of grading scales (100, 10, 4.0, etc) they, and other European programs, will be more forgiving. That said, you need to give them confidence that you are a different student NOW than you were during undergrad. Your 325 GRE is a step in the right direction. You might also consider taking a graded …

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  • Op here: Haven't taken the GMAT yet (GRE score there was a mistake, sorry!)
  • 30% | 3 years ago

    Hi! You seem like a great person to be around. I got accepted to LBS, and interviews at some M7s, with a GPA lower than yours - so take heart that a poor showing in undergrad doesn't ruin your chances. I'm not super familiar with the GRE - but what's your score breakdown? Regardless, it may be worth it to write the GMAT and aim for 720+. If I have any regrets in my applications journey, it's that I didn't rewrite my GMAT and push for a higher score. I think it would do wonders in helping establish the narrative that your academic ability is not fully represented by your undergraduate grades. That being said, the CFA Level 1 designation helps. I feel like if ...
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  • 40% | 3 years ago

  • 50% | 3 years ago

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