Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep (TTP) is a revolutionary test prep company that has helped thousands of test-takers around the world earn top scores on standardized exams.

TTP’s self-study GMAT, EA, and GRE prep courses combine time-tested teaching methods with cutting-edge technology to provide powerful online instruction that makes achieving impressive test scores possible for students of all levels.

Each of our GMAT test prep, GRE test prep, and EA test prep courses includes:

  • A personalized study plan tailored to the user’s score goal
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand lessons
  • Thousands of realistic practice questions 
  • HD video solutions presented by test prep experts
  • Customizable practice tests 
  • Intelligent analytics that track performance at a granular level
  • A detailed error tracker
  • Live online support from test prep experts
  • A score improvement guarantee

TTP also offers private tutoring with veteran GMAT, EA, and GRE coaches, as well as live, GMAT online classroom instruction from top-scoring, industry-recognized teachers.

Ready to take your test prep to the next level? Visit our website at to find the right GMAT, EA, or GRE plan for you.

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