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5 Things Every MBA Student Should Do Before Graduating


You probably think a “bucket list” relates to those risks or feats you embark on before you pass away. You may even imagine Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman skydiving from 10,000 feet or cycling across the Great Wall of China. But what if a bucket list could be less dramatic? And what if you could complete those activities before you’re 30?

This week, Sheila Liro Marcelo, CEO of, shares her so-called bucket list from school. Marcelo, who holds an MBA and J.D. from Harvard, was asked in an interview with Fortune CNN the following question: “What was the most important thing you learned in school?”

That was quite a loaded question for Marcelo, who was heavily involved in community service, raising a son, and working various jobs in graduate school. With that schedule, you’d guess she barely had time to study and make friends (let alone sleep). So where did she devote her limited time? And what types of bucket list experiences did she use to become one of the most successful and powerful entrepreneurs?

Here were her answers:

1) Develop A Variety of Skills: “People fear finance courses or marketing courses or anything they’re not already exposed to. Embrace being a generalist. If you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t underestimate the value of skills learned in those classes.”

2) Practice Making Connections: “Be comfortable with networking and selling and try not to think of them as bad words. The majority of my job as an entrepreneur is selling and networking.”

3) Become A Team Player: “Also, learn to work with a team. Study groups outweigh classroom participation.”

4) Cultivate Mentors: “When in school, find mentors and reach out to the alumni database. It’s better to do this as a student because when you’re out in the real world, there’s a sense that you have an agenda. As a student, your agenda is to ask for help and advice.”

And what advice does Marcelo offer to MBAs looking for a job? “Let go of your perception of “success,” she says. “Set goals and create plans that work for you and what you want from your life, not what someone else dictates.”

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Source: Business Insider

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