The Best Online MBA Programs In The U.S.

The Top Online MBA Programs In The U.S. For 2014


Online Rank & SchoolP&Q RankTotal CostTime To DegreeBlended Component
  1. Carnegie Mellon16$118,08032 months15 “Access Weekends”
  2. UNC18$96,77518 to 36 monthsQuarterly 3-day immersions
  3. Indiana (Kelley)20$61,20024 to 60 months2 weeks on-campus
  4. Maryland (Smith)33$79,97421 months2 3-day residencies
  5. Penn State33$59,31224 months2 week-long residencies
  6. Arizona State42$62,00023 months3-day orientation
  7. Florida (Hough)48$48,000/$55,00016 or 27 monthsSeveral weekend residencies
  8. Geo. Washington50$77,70036 monthsNone
  9. Babson (Olin)53$78,43221 months2-day sessions every 7 weeks
10. Missouri (Trulaske)55$73,00021 months8 weekends, 10-day global
11. Northeastern56$71,65024 to 27 monthsOptional residencies
12. Arizona (Eller)58$45,00014 monthsNone
13. Temple (Fox)62$62,20820 monthsWeek-long residency
14. Thunderbird65$69,80019 months2 week-long global residencies
15. Syracuse (Whitman)72$70,00024 months3 3-day residencies
16. Texas-Dallas74$42,24024 to 36 monthsNone
17. NC-State (Jenkins)78$37,167 (in-state)$74,33421 months to 6 years3-day residency, optional global residency
18. U-Mass (Isenberg)79$32,175NANone/Blended option available
19. Pepperdine83NA24 to 84 monthsA weekend residency
20. Auburn89$27,90027 months to six years3-day residency at end

Source: School websites and interviews

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  • midwestern

    @JohnAByrne:disqusThis could need some update now 🙂

    American (Kogod), Univ Kansas , USC (Marshall) and UCLA Anderson FEMBA shall become members of the list 🙂

  • JohnAByrne

    I’m not really familiar with the program. But I would compare it against the programs on this list. Study it and what the schools are offering so you can ask the kinds of questions of East Carolina that will help you decide whether you should go there. One of the great things about an online program is that you’re not constricted by geography or price–for that matter. So you should generally try to select the program at the right price point with the best brand.

  • JC

    What do you think about East Carolina University’s online MBA program?

  • cking6178

    Hi John, thanks for the reply. Your methodology is logical and well reasoned. In the end, in my opinion, the value of the program lies in the network – for the most part the same material is being taught and the same business cases are being studied. In the end, as with everything else in life, it comes down to personal preference and career aspirations.

  • JohnAByrne

    Absolutely true. In this case, we’re really ranking the prestige of the school on one’s resume than the actual program. Though I will say that the higher ranked schools, in general, have access to greater resources and can typically provide a better online MBA experience with more frills, support staff, better faculty, etc.

  • cking6178

    Yes, when I was looking at online MBA programs a couple of years ago, I was shocked that they charged an “out of state” tuition, considering the demographic of the target students. NC State was the only school I talked to that delineated in state vs out of state tuition for their online program.

  • cking6178

    As with all rankings, they are subjective. This list is probably the most thorough that I’ve seen. But simply ranking the school’s online offering in order of their traditional format misses the point of the online offering. There is something to be said for the schools that require immersions/residencies and the powerful networking that goes along with it. I’m not advocating for any school, but will say that when I did my research two years ago, my criteria was to find the best school that offered as close to a full time experience as I could get w/out dropping out of the work force. In the end, I chose UF over ASU and IU because of that experience. I have a friend that is in IU’s program now and she loves it. Another friend is in my cohort at UF and her fiance is doing the ASU online program. Her experience in witnessing both programs side by side is that the UF program is more robust and requires more work. She mentioned that, based on her observations, she likes the format of the ASU program and the ability concentrate, but feels that the UF program provides better networking and stronger academics.

  • Christine Ferrell

    Please note out-of-state tuition for NC State Jenkins Online MBA is $52,650. Thanks!