MBA Scholarships At Top Business Schools

This year, the average need-based scholarship comes to $32,000 a year—a tidy sum but under the $58,875 in annual tuition and significantly under the $95,100 that Harvard says a single student should budget for their annual MBA experience. The higher $95,100 number includes program fees, health care, and room and board. That’s why Harvard, even with the largest scholarship fund for MBAs, is setting aside some of the $1 billion in its latest capital campaign toward even more scholarship support. After all, last year the average student debt load for a graduating MBA from the school was a hefty $78,991.

One of the primary reasons Harvard is raising more money is to help its MBA students is because the school doesn’t want all of its graduates to chase the highest-paying jobs in finance and consulting out of necessity–to help pay off their debt. Dean Nitin Nohria believes that the high cost of an MBA can impose limitations on career choices, unless the school can help with the burden.

The numbers shown in the table (below) are for scholarships and do not include the total financial aid budgets of the schools. The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, for example, devotes $19.2 million a year to financial aid, a significant portion of which is used to cover the interest payments of students while they are in the MBA program. Some 61% of the MBA students receive aid, but a smaller percentage gets scholarship funding, in all likelihood just under 50%. The actual amount of scholarship support at Ross is estimated at $15.4 million.


SchoolTotal Scholarships% of Gross TuitionAverage Grant% of MBAs on Scholarship
Harvard Business School$31.5 million28.6%$32,00050%
Penn (Wharton)*$16.9 million*14.8%$30,50033%
Chicago (Booth)*$16.3 million*22.6%$30,00060%
Stanford GSB$15.7 million31.0%$35,83052%
Michigan (Ross)*$15.4 million27.5%$22,36048%
New York (Stern)$12.8 million26.8%$26,400*62%*
UCLA (Anderson)$12.1 million22.4%$25,86065%
Northwestern (Kellogg)$11.8 million27.9%$22,80035%
Columbia Business School*$10.1 million12.5%$20,50046%
Virginia (Darden)*$8.4 million23.4%$30,80043%
MIT (Sloan)*$8.1 million15.6%$28,22035%
Duke (Fuqua)$7.1 million14.2%$20,95033%
North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)$6.8 million22.2%$35,37035%
Rice (Jones)$6.7 million59.0%$33,32094%
Indiana (Kelley)$6.4 million34.0%$25,75770%
Yale School of Management$6.2 million13.0%$23,02831%
Vanderbilt (Owen)$6.0 million36.6%$25,79765%
UC-Berkeley (Haas)$5.8 million23.0%$29,06050%
Cornell (Johnson)$5.7 million17.5%$12,00033%
Washington Univ. (Olin)$5.5 million39.0%$30,99064%
Notre Dame (Mendoza)$5.5 million36.9%$29,28360%
Dartmouth (Tuck)*$5.4 million15.6%$27,55035%
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)$5.3 million21.5%$21,85357%
Emory (Goizueta)$5.0 million29.6%$24,90557%
Georgetown (McDonough)$3.3 million11.6%$30,00027%
Texas-Austin (McCombs)$3.0 million13.8%$13,49444%
Univ. of Washington (Foster)$1.3 million13.8%$17,70047%

Source: Poets&Quants from business school reports

Notes: An asterisk denotes estimates by Poets&Quants based on interviews with rival business school administrators and admission consultants


The first in a series on the growth in MBA scholarship money and what it means

The first in a series on the growth in MBA scholarship money and what it means


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    I study at SMU and was told that SMU COX offers a lot of scholarships in their MBA program.Is that correct?

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    Grants could be cash money that you use for rent, books, living, or even tour tuition. Scholarship applies solely to your tuition.

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    Seems like Anderson or Kellogg is off (I’m thinking Kellogg). Anderson gives more money than Kellogg, plus Anderson’s tuition is lower, plus Anderson has less students. So shouldn’t Anderson have a higher % of gross tuition than Kellogg?

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    Thanks, yes, you’re right – the school reports that about 23-27 students per class receive Park awards…

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    So we went back to Cornell to double-check the numbers and it turns out the school provided the wrong number, giving us scholarships for first-year students excluding the Park fellowships. The story has now been updated with the correct numbers. Turns out the total is $5,686,650, including $2,554,484 for the Park Fellowships. Thanks for alerting us.

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    Interesting, I wonder why they wouldn’t include the Park Fellows. I think it’s one of the most attractive scholarships out there and would put the school’s scholarship numbers more in line with competing elite schools. Although not everyone accepts the Park Fellow award, from what I could tell, around 23 students a year accept it (almost 10% of the class!). Anyways, I think schools should publish these numbers themselves and highlight them more to prospective students. I think it would make the school more attractive to competitive applicants knowing that they have a decent shot of getting at least a little aid.

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    The numbers were provided by Cornell.

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    Hmm, it appears that the numbers for Cornell are off. I know that Cornell offers the Park fellowship to up to 25 students a year and that amount alone is greater than the $1.9 million that this table is showing.