Podcast Interview With INSEAD MBA Admissions Chief Virginie Fougea

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Virginie Fougea, director of recruitment and admissions at INSEAD


“The very first question we ask applicants is what is your preferred campus to start the MBA program: Fontainebleu or Singapore,” says Virginie Fougea, director of recruitment and admissions at INSEAD. “The admissions committee selects according to the quality and the diversity of the class. Once the admissions committee says ‘yes, we would like this person in the class,’ then we check the places available. If the campus is full, the team will call and say the campus you want is full. Would you prefer to wait for an available seat or would you want to start on the other campus? About 300 start in Fontainebleau and 200 start in Singapore for the first four months and then we ask them where they want to be for the rest of the program. They can also spend time in the U.S., through our alliances with Kellogg and Wharton or spend time in Abu Dhabi if they wish, or stay on the same campus.”

Listen to our podcast interview with Virginie Fougea, director of MBA recruitment and admissions at INSEAD

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