Podcast Interview With Mendoza Business School’s Kristin McAndrew

Kristin McAndrews, director of admissions at Notre Dame University’s Mendoza College of Business


“We talk about the strength of the alumni network and the connections that Notre Dame alumni have to one and other,” says Kristin McAndrew, admissions chief for Mendoza’s MBA program. “And yet until you come and experience it, you don’t truly understand it. I recently asked a graduate of our program if she had any advice for students starting the MBA program. She said, ‘Trust the network.’ As a student, she reached out to 15 alumni and thought she would hear back from three or five. She said, “I was appalled. Every single one of them wrote back to me. I had more coffees and phone calls than I could handle.’ It should be table stakes, no matter where you. Part of the reason to get an MBA is to expand your network and to make some new connections.”

Listen to our podcast interview with Kristin McAndrew, director of admissions for degree programs at Notre Dame’s Mendoza

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