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Ethical Leadership Through Giving Voice to Values

School: University of Virginia

Platform: Coursera

Registration Link:  REGISTER HERE

Start Date: January 15, 2018 (4 Weeks Long)

Workload: 3-4 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Mary Gentile

Credentials: Gentile teaches at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Over her career, she has been ranked among the top thought leaders by organizations like ComplianceWeek and Ethisphere. Gentile is also the author of Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, an award-winning book that has been featured in the Financial Times and the Harvard Business Review. Before joining the faculty at Darden, she taught at Babson College and Harvard Business School.

Graded: Students must pass all required assignments to pass.

Description: Many people believe ethical lapses stem from a lack of character. For Gentile, the real issue is a lack of courage. For her, ethics aren’t a matter of knowing right-from-wrong, but knowing how to act under pressure when requests contradict their value systems. This focus on action is what distinguishes this course. Borrowing methods, exercises, and scripts from her book, Gentile focuses on how to manage ethical dilemmas that protects the company and employee without deepening divisions. Notably, the course provides frameworks for answering these questions: “What if I were going to act on my values? What would I say and do? How could I be most effective?” Even more, the course includes coaching so students can rehearse how they would respond in ways that would enable them to express their values without reprisal and re-focus discussions on building a consensus that better navigates ethical uncertainties.

Review: “I truly feel like this course expanded my capacity to think about ethical conflicts, big and small, that can arise in any workplace. I feel that I now possess the tools necessary to effectively and respectively handle each situation and bring light to my own values in the workplace.” For additional reviews, click here.