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Financial Analysis for Decision Making: Funding Your Business

School: Babson College

Platform: edX

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Start Date: Self-Paced (4 Weeks Long)

Workload: 4-6 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Mark Potter

Credentials:  Dr. Potter is both an Associate Dean and the Faculty Director of Blending Learning for the MBA program at Babson College. With a background in finance, he teaches courses in entrepreneurial finance, corporate strategy, and financial management. In 2016, Dr. Potter was awarded the Thomas Kennedy Award for Excellence at Babson College. The year before, he was named the school’s Faculty Director of the Year. His most recent research has been published in the Review of Financial Studies and the Journal of Index Investing.

Graded: Students who complete all requirements can purchase a verified certificate for $49.

Description: The idea was the easy part. Now come the hard questions. Who do you target? How should you scale? Most important: how do you pay for it? You have plenty of options. You can take out a small business loan, tap family and friends, crowdfund, add a partner, or pitch to a VC. That doesn’t even count bootstrapping or dipping into your assets or savings. Of course, the biggest question is how much money do you need to fulfill your ambitions…and how much cash reserves should you hold for worse case scenarios? In this course, students will answer these questions. In particular, students will learn the best sources for securing funding based on their particular situations, along with loan terms and costs that can hamper them on.

According to Potter, the course is designed to “take the mystery out of financial analysis,” along with providing tools to help students “value and evaluate ideas to determine the appropriate benefits and costs in order to screen them correctly,” and learn how to value a business and the securities [they] can use to potentially fund your organization.”

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