M7 Schools: The 2018 Data Is In & They Remain Magnificent

Harvard remains the gold standard for business schools in many ways, not least of which is the huge number of living alumni, more than 84,000, and alumni clubs around the globe: 106 and counting

How The M7 Rank Against Each Other

One fact of business school life can be counted on year to year: The M7 schools will be at or near the top in every ranking. Here at Poets&Quants, all seven schools are in the top eight in our 2017 ranking, with Wharton nabbing the top spot; it’s a similar case for the most recent rankings by U.S. News, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek, in which none of the seven schools drops below ninth place. That’s not the case for the Financial Times, which does a global ranking that includes schools outside the U.S., nor the Economist, which has a puzzling and questionable methodology. In the newest FT ranking, Kellogg is 12th and MIT is 13th, the same spots they occupied last year; but in the latest Economist ranking, Kellogg is No. 1 (!) and MIT dropped from 12th last year to 19th.

Below, to provide a better picture of a school’s strengths and weaknesses, we’ve compiled the U.S. News ranking of programs by discipline. These numbers are nearly a year old and will be refreshed in March when U.S. News releases its 2018 ranking. The final table on this page parses some more data from the different rankings, from Forbes‘ highly conservative estimate of the payback period for the degree (it fails to conclude scholarship grants) and U.S. News‘ surveys of corporate recruiters and academics to The Financial Times‘ alumni recommendation and academic research rankings.