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Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland at the closing of the NAFTA meetings in Montreal on Monday. The sixth round of talks ended on a positive note

NAFTA Talks Moving Ahead Is A Good Sign, Say U of T Experts

News from University of Toronto Rotman School of Management 

“With NAFTA talks ending on a more positive note than expected this week, U of T News reached out to our experts on what, if anything, has changed and the challenges ahead for trilateral bargaining.

“Grace Skogstad is a professor of political science at U of T Scarborough. Walid Hejazi is an associate professor of international business at U of T’s Rotman School of Management. Robert Bothwell is a professor of international relations and Canadian history at the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs.”

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Veronica Chua

HBS Peek Weekend: Finding A Sense Of Purpose

News from HBS

“If you are a college student interested in the MBA program at HBS, I highly encourage you to apply to Peek Weekend. As a Peek Weekend participant, you are given the opportunity to visualize whether or not the MBA program aligns with your personal goals. Not only was it an eye-opening educational experience, exceeding even my highest expectations, but it filled me with a profound sense of purpose.

“HBS cultivates a community of individuals who are encouraged to jump into the ring and grab life by the horns. Being part of a community that encouraged diversity of thought and celebrated leadership in its many forms felt surreal. Immersed in such a stimulating environment, I could not help but gain new perspective from those around me, enriching the way I think and act on a daily basis. Moving forward, I know I will always carry with me the purpose to create, the purpose to motivate, and the purpose to engage.”

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Cornell Offers New Minor In Entrepreneurship And Innovation

News from Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management 

“Students interested in learning about starting and managing businesses can now minor in ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation,’ a new minor that the University revealed on Monday.

“Susan Fleming ’08, minor director and senior lecturer at the School of Hotel Administration, said the minor was created in light of the ‘tremendous interest’ in the subject on campus, citing successful entrepreneurship programs such as eLab and entrepreneurship at Cornell.

“’People [think] entrepreneurs are born,’ Fleming said. ‘We think entrepreneurs can be made. They can be taught how to manage and approach world problems in innovative and entrepreneurship minded ways, and that’s what we want to teach.’”

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Why Economists Should Think Like Plumbers

News from INSEAD

“There is a long list of sensible economic policies that have failed in practice because of poor implementation. In both the developed and developing world, when insufficient thought is given to how to put a policy into practice, it can lead to frustration and even disillusionment with the original idea, which could have been economically sound.

“One of the best examples of this was the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in the United States. Disillusionment with the policy has grown ever since it was launched. Online insurance exchanges where people could choose policies were riddled with technical glitches and many had their existing insurance policies cancelled as these didn’t meet new regulations – despite the president’s promise that those with existing healthcare plans could keep them. This has fuelled calls for the entire reform to be rolled back despite increasing the number of Americans with insurance coverage. It was the implementation or ‘plumbing,’ rather than the policy, which was poorly designed.”

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Harvard Business School Announces New Global Opportunity Fellowship (GO: Africa)

News from HBS

“Beginning with the MBA Class of 2018, Harvard Business School (HBS) will offer a Global Opportunity Fellowship (GO: Africa) to supplement the income of MBA graduates who go on to work in Africa following graduation.

“The fellowship is designed to bridge the gap between a recipient’s annual salary and $100,000 USD. Students will be eligible for the fellowship for up to five years after graduation, with a maximum award of $50,000 per year and cumulative support of $150,000.

“’We are eager to support HBS graduates who want to make a difference in emerging markets,’ said Chad Losee, Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid. ‘This pilot program will help attract top talent to Africa and expand the School’s global impact.’”

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