What It Takes To Get Into Kellogg

Kellogg MBA students on the “Spanish Steps” of the Global Hub

What It Takes To Get Into Kellogg

If you want to get into Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, you might want to talk to Kellogg students and alumni.

Business Insider recently got the inside scoop from Kellogg admissions staff and alumni on what it takes to get into the prestigious b-school.


One of the best ways to position yourself for acceptance into Kellogg, according to alumni and admissions officers, is to do your research on the school. Research can mean online research, talking to students and alumni, or listening to podcasts.

Renee Chrubin, senior director of admissions at Kellogg and a ’06 MBA grad of Kellogg, says candidates should look over blog posts on Kellogg’s website, which go into detail about admissions tips and student perspectives.

Additionally, Chrubin says, applicants should reach out to Kellogg admissions to try and connect with students and alumni.

“Let us know what you’re interested in discussing and we can connect you directly to a student or alum,” she tells Business Insider.


Experts say that it’s important to find a program at Kellogg that matches your goals.

“It’s hard to know which elements are core to the school’s identity and which are smaller, more extraneous parts of the experience,” Megha Kosaraju, who just graduated from Kellogg this past Spring, tells Business Insider.

However, Kosaraju says, it can be helpful to connect with students and alumni to learn more about specific programs.

“They were able to help me highlight the ‘must-mention’ programs in my essays, and blend them with more specific classroom and extracurricular experiences that showed the depth of my research and unique ways I planned to shape my time at Kellogg,” she tells Business Insider.


If you want to get into Kellogg, it’s helpful to know what Kellogg is seeking in applicants.

“At Kellogg, we look for applicants who are able to demonstrate leadership by spearheading change, striving for excellence, and/or creating lasting impact,” Cherubin tells Business Insider. “Our students are the kind of people who aim to leave an innovative mark on their companies before and after Kellogg.”

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