Why Gies?

MBA students at Gies Business at University of Illinois

At Gies College of Business, an education is just the start.

It’s the first step toward finding meaning beyond business, the start of a great career, and discovering ways to positively impact the community where you live. Gies students learn from faculty with decades of experience in their field, they collaborate with a small community of fellow students in state-of-the-art facilities, and they immerse themselves in leading-edge curriculum. Thoughtfully designed academic and extracurricular programs provide students with ample opportunities to apply what they’ve learned to real client projects. Gies Business delivers the most comprehensive, profession-ready experiences, and the College’s 98% undergraduate placement rate proves students are prepared to succeed from day one.

We deliver on that promise through:

  • Specialty programs: students can dive deep into their areas of interest and also explore broad, international, and cross-disciplinary opportunities.
  • Learning by doing: students work directly with clients and acquire practical skills they can immediately put into action.
  • A flexible, unique student experience: achieving success is not a one-size-fits-all approach – at Gies, you can tailor your experience to your own, individual goals.
  • Our collaborative environment: there is room for everyone to succeed at Gies, where students freely celebrate each other’s achievements. Upperclassmen, faculty, and alumni are there to support you on your path to discovering your purpose.

We also offer opportunities that are uniquely Gies. We are home to the world’s only 3D printing lab inside a business school. The Illinois MakerLab is open to students from across campus to explore the business applications of 3D printing. In addition, we are a world leader in the field of business analytics. Through the University of Illinois-Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics, Gies faculty develop leading-edge data analytics courses and offer them online for free to any student, instructor, or professional to download.


Gies also partners with the University of Illinois’ renowned Grainger College of Engineering to offer the Hoeft Technology & Management Program, a joint minor that prepares highly qualified students to become leaders in technology and business. Gies also explores additional partnership opportunities with other colleges and departments, allowing students to truly leverage all the best aspects of this world-class public university.

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