At-Home Study Tips for MBAs

At-Home Study Tips for MBAs

With nearly every b-school across the country shifting online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many MBAs may be struggling to stay focused.

The Economist recently offered a few tips for home studying as students wait out the pandemic.


With classrooms and libraries closed up indefinitely, it’s important to have a dedicated study space.

“Make sure it’s clean, clutter-free and generally quiet during your study time,” according to The Economist. “Also, be sure to remove all of your study materials once you’re finished, so that the space may go back to its original purpose and be used by anyone who needs it. Using a portable container—like a crate, backpack or small box—that you can dedicate to housing your GMAT study materials is helpful; you can keep everything together and move between spaces easily when necessary.”


Since all of your lectures will have shifted online, it’s critical to have time dedicated to studying.

“During your chosen study times, focus. The more focused and dedicated you are, the more effective your study time will be,” according to The Economist.


While space and time are important, efficiency relies on having actionable and reasonable goals.

“If you plan to study for three hours a day while perhaps also juggling a full-time job that you’re now trying to do from home, you may fall short and lose motivation,” according to The Economist.

Check out the full list of tips at The Economist.

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