Meet Minnesota Carlson’s MBA Class Of 2022

Carlson School, Winter 2020

P&Q: In the most recent student survey from The Economist, the quality of your alumni and career center rank among the best in the world. How do you leverage these assets to boost the opportunities available to MBA students?

Miller: “We were gratified to see the Graduate Business Career Center and our alumni network highlighted by our own alumni. We take pride in both the level of personalized service we provide students as well as their commitment to helping each other as peers or ultimately as alumni. At a recent orientation, I recall a second year MBA commenting that they had reached out to over 30 alumni in their first year and every single one had responded and been willing to chat. Our team works with students starting well before orientation to have them prepared for their traditional or off-road searches. It’s always a joy to see the connection our career coaches and business development team members have with students. Every full time MBA student is on a first name basis with one or more coaches, walk-in appointments are readily available, and our business development team is always exploring new or unique employer opportunities for our students.”


Here are the best parts of earning an MBA at Carlson according to first-years and alumni alike:

Carlson Classroom

1) Experiential Learning: “The Carlson School offers unparalleled experiential learning opportunities through the Enterprise programs. Since each student will work hands-on with real organizations facing real business problems, students can leverage these experiences to advance their careers and continue building their skillset. As someone who is looking to switch from operations and manufacturing to marketing and product management, the Enterprise programs will be valuable to my professional development and will help me market myself to prospective employers.”
Kevin Vargas (’21)

The Enterprise Program offers opportunities for students to consult on real projects for local companies, including Fortune 500 firms. This experiential learning opportunity made Carlson stand out from other great MBA programs. I wanted to make sure my MBA experience included completing projects outside of my comfort zone. I knew the Enterprise Projects would do just that, setting me up for success in my summer internship and future full-time roles.”
Berlin Sohn (’22)

2) Small Class Size: “The amount of personalized support and real-world experience that you get at Carlson is unrivaled. Minneapolis is also an amazing place to live and work. As I weighed my MBA decision, I knew that I wanted a tight-knit community where I could build career-long relationships with my classmates, learn by doing, and access great career opportunities in a city that I loved. Carlson is at the forefront of experiential learning, requiring two semesters of project-based consulting for Twin Cities companies and social ventures in our ‘enterprise’ program. Carlson’s smaller class size also enables individualized career support for every student and the opportunity to build deep relationships with your classmates. I was particularly inspired by Carlson’s impressive community of women and was blown away by the support they gave me through the admissions process.”
Liz O’Brien (’20)

”I chose Carlson for its smaller class size and the importance they put towards collaboration, team-building, and experiential learning. I also wanted to come back to my alma mater after having such a positive undergraduate experience. I admired my professors and was excited for the opportunity to work with them as a graduate teacher’s assistant and to join research projects.”
Chloe Edwards (’22)

Carlson School entrance

3) Twin Cities: “As a Bostonian by birth and a Chicagoan for a decade, I thought Minneapolis was a sleepy Midwestern city without much job opportunity. When I came to visit Carlson, I learned that Minnesota is home to 17 Fortune 500 companies and an incredibly robust job network. Big names like Target, 3M, General Mills, and Medtronic have chosen the Twin Cities as their U.S. headquarters, and there is a vibrant nonprofit and entrepreneurial scene here as well. With no other top MBA programs in the area, Carlson is the apple of recruiters’ eyes, giving our MBAs a first look at the best job opportunities. This ecosystem has led to a strong Carlson alumni network in the Twin Cities and generated excellent inter-industry job movement possibilities. While your Carlson degree will certainly translate well outside the Twin Cities, it will be invaluable if you decide to stay.”
Liz O’Brien (’20)

“Never being a resident of Minnesota prior to moving here for school, I was struck by the number and variety of Fortune 500 firms that span all different industries.  What makes Carlson such a great place is that there are alumni scattered throughout all these firms who all share a passion for giving back to the school and assisting those of us currently in the program.  Additionally, I am fortunate to have both family and friends located in the Twin Cities, who have been instrumental through my transition into the MBA experience.”
Joe Crawford (’22)

“Although the winters can be brutal, the quality of life in the Twin Cities is great. There are miles of trails and lakes to visit, which is great for someone like me who enjoys hiking. For a city in the interior of the US, the Twin Cities is home to a diverse culinary scene, giving you a taste of multiple cultures. Lastly, thanks to COVID, I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the breweries here but as a lover of good IPAs that’s definitely on my bucket list when the weather and COVID conditions improve.”
Linda Nkosi (’22)

4) Fun Time: “People think Minnesota winters are miserable, but we do a great job of embracing the seasons! Carlson’s Outdoor Adventure Club plans fun events like ice fishing so people can try something new in the winter, and the Partners Club hosts an outing to the Luminary Loppet, a classic Minneapolis event where people walk on lakes covered with hundreds of ice luminaries and sculptures.”
Amy Hromatka (’20)

“My favorite MBA event at business school was the annual Global Gala. At the Global Gala, all students would gather to celebrate the diversity of cultures in our program for a night filled with music, dance, and scintillating performances by our talented peers. In my first Global Gala, I performed a traditional Indian dance and it was incredible to see my classmates from around the world join in and dance with me.”
Varun Grover (’20)

5) National Footprint: “The biggest myth about the Carlson School is that it is a regional school, with most students getting post-MBA roles primarily in Minnesota. While there are a number of students who have ties to Minnesota or want to move to the Twin Cities because of the stellar opportunities in CPG, healthcare, and other industries, Carlson has an incredible network across the United States and globally. Every year, a fair amount of students move to Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and other thriving location. Carlson’s footprint in the Twin Cities is exceptional on account of the highly-engaged alumni community, which does lead to lucrative opportunities for individuals who want to work here.”
Varun Grover (’22)

What led the Class of 2022 to pursue an MBA? What do they enjoy most about their classmates? Find answers to these questions and more by clicking on the in-depth profiles of current Minnesota Carlson’s MBA students below.

MBA Student Hometown Undergraduate Alma Mater Last Employer
Alexis Barber Toronto, Canada University of Wisconsin Mission Animal Hospital
Joe Crawford Indianapolis, IN U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Marine Corps
Chloe Edwards Bloomington, MN University of Minnesota Pineapple Mindset
Andre Hollins Memphis, TN University of Minnesota University of Minnesota’s Men’s Basketball
Lazar Lazarov Dobrich, Bulgaria Newcastle University BEST Foundation
Pamela London Shoreline, WA Whitman College Vix
Sean Thomas Lundy Minneapolis, MN Iowa State University Minnesota Army National Guard
Lauren Miller Saint Cloud, MN University of Minnesota University of Minnesota’s Women’s Rowing Team
Linda Nkosi Manzini, Eswatini Wartburg College Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.
Ullas Pathak Kharagpur, India NIT Tiruchirappalli RGBSI
Vincent Shaw Forest Lake, MN U.S. Military Academy U.S. Army
Berlin Sohn Spooner, WI The College of St. Scholastica HubSpot

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