Meet Georgia Tech Scheller’s MBA Class Of 2022

Scheller International Practicum

P&Q: According to The Economist student and alumni survey, Scheller’s faculty ranks among the best. Talk to us about your teaching and why it scores so high across the board? Is there a professor who exemplifies the best of your program?

KL: “Beril Toktay, the Brady Family Chair in Management and the Faculty Director of the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, exemplifies the very best of Scheller. Beril is a pioneering researcher in the field of sustainability. She has been incredibly successful in translating her research into the MBA curriculum. Professor Toktay introduced a carbon reduction challenge into in her MBA-level course, Business Strategies for Sustainability. Students generate business model ideas that reduce a company’s carbon emissions while saving money and generating co-benefits. Students pitch their ideas to top management and have had success in getting their ideas implemented.

Students have the following to say about Professor Toktay:

“I had the privilege of taking Dr. Toktay’s Business Strategies for Sustainability class and work with her as a graduate assistant in the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business. Her knowledge and dedication to sustainability and business is inspiring and has helped me to see that it is not only possible to incorporate sustainability into my future career, it is crucial.”

“Dr. Totkay is my favorite professor at Scheller. She leads by example as a strong female leader in sustainability in the following ways:

Beril Toktay

  • Professor Totkay persistently puts sustainability at the center of every discussion, not only in the academic domain but also in business.
  • She uses her strong relationships with the business community and non-profit organizations to provide students with the opportunities to collaborate and create impactful solutions.
  • She is highly inclusive. She supports female students and international students not only by closely mentoring on academic and business-related issues, but also by empowering students with unique skills in sustainability. She provides students with full autonomy to innovate best-in class sustainability practices for businesses and communities.
  • She is co-leading a climate change movement in Georgia (Drawdown Georgia Project), facilitating collaboration between multi-university academic research, students, and business organizations to reduce Georgia’s carbon footprint in beneficial and equitable ways for all members of communities.”


1) TI:GER: “Real world applications of classroom skills and topics is quite rare in practice of most business schools. While there are certainly singular classes in programs that provide such an opportunity, none of them do it at the scale of TI:GER (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results). TI:GER combines classroom instruction, innovation projects, team activities, and real-world experience into a total, immersive, practical education throughout three terms of the MBA program. The program attracts students whose objectives are to become technology innovators – in early-stage high-growth ventures, in consultancies, or in corporate positions in finance, marketing, operations, or strategy. The TI:GER experience provides essential skills, tacit knowledge, and networks for success beyond Scheller.”
Anthony J. Hodge (’22)

2) Engaged Alumni: “Scheller alumni can also be found throughout the tech industry. They are a terrific resource for students and will often share their experience with students through panels and networking events. A highlight of my first semester was attending a workshop hosted by our Net Impact and Consulting clubs, where alumni led us through case discussions based on their current work.”
Claire Bilkert (’22)

3) Sense of Community: “Scheller’s tight-knit community that provides a family type atmosphere was a key part for me. For the last seven years of my life, the Army had provided me with an inclusive and unwavering family community that provided a safety net for everyone involved. It was important for me to find a similar community coming out of the Army. Among the highly ranked MBA programs I pursued, the Scheller family uniquely embodies that same sense of community and support.”
Jarrod Snell (’22)

4) Jones Career Center: “The Jones Career Center was definitely a major factor for me. As someone making a big career pivot with my MBA, I knew that I wanted to be at a school where I could have a close relationship with career advisors and ask them any question that was on my mind. I found a staff that is extremely willing to help you put my best foot forward in interviews.”
Katherine Crosby (’22)

Blake Brady and Grace Stewart, Scheller MBA Students

5) Atlanta: “In addition to living in one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S., Atlanta is just a short drive to some of the most beautiful and serene landscapes in the southeast. I love having access to a busy and diverse business community and being able to get away to Lake Oconee and take a drive through the mountains in Braselton.”
Angel Daniels (’22)

“At Scheller, you can live, work, learn, and play in a very close proximity to everything. Scheller is surrounded by the Tech Square Innovation Ecosystem, Georgia Tech engineering schools, a growing number of startup firms, incubators, established technology firms, major corporate offices, corporate innovation centers, venture capital investors, and other various retail, residential, and business service providers. The MARTA transit system is in walking distance from the school and that acts as a hub for a subway system and bus routes. The cost of living in Atlanta is cheaper than other major cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There are also many attractions nearby to explore and enjoy such as Piedmont Park, the Atlanta BeltLine, Ponce City Market, Old Fourth Ward, and authentic restaurants. The city has a growing young population and there are always innovative ideas and fun activities in the city.”
Youngtak Lee (’22)

“I also think what makes Atlanta so dynamic and vibrant is its people. The thriving businesses attract people to move here, and Atlanta’s people make the city welcoming to live in and learn. Atlanta reminds me of Washington D.C., but bigger because it is just a melting pot with people from different cultures and ethnicities residing here. With such diversity, why wouldn’t anyone want to live here? Every interaction you have when meeting someone for the first time presents an opportunity to learn.”
Daniel Odinaka Okegbu (’22)

6) Entrepreneurship: “Over the last three years, I have witnessed Atlanta transform into a Tech Hub, and some even refer to it as the next Silicon Valley. Numerous businesses and start-ups, many started by Georgia Tech alumni, have thrived here in Atlanta. There are start-up companies like Carbice that was started by a Georgia Tech professor and recently raised $15 million in Series A funding. Such a company thrives because of the ecosystem the exists between Georgia Tech, Tech Square, and other businesses in the city of Atlanta.”
Daniel Odinaka Okegbu (’22)

7) Tech Square: “Atlanta is the corporate capital of the South and you can directly network with any type of company or industry right there in the city. Tech Square is also quickly becoming a center for innovation and technology entrepreneurship that is directly correlated with the MBA program. The slew of new skyscrapers being built in Tech Square is a clear physical indication of this.”
Jarrod Snell (’22)

Georgia Institute of Technology

8) Innovation and Creativity: “In every class, there are always some team and individual projects involved. These projects aim to challenge students to push the envelope for innovation and creativity. Irrespective of students’ backgrounds, classroom settings welcome and embrace the diversity of thought. As a student with an engineering background, I tackle problems differently, and my classmates/teammates enjoy the fresh perspective that I bring when brainstorming solutions to a problem. Collectively, we all challenge each other to view things from a different angle, and I think that is the beauty of innovation.”
Daniel Odinaka Okegbu (’22)

“There’s very little abstraction in the curriculum. We are using the software tools innovative businesses use and we’re using recent case studies. We don’t lose focus trying to imagine theory into practice because we’re living practice every day. That opens the door to thinking forward from a specific business perspective, instead of trying to relate every operations issue to something you read from a textbook written during the dialup internet era.”
Maria Harper (’22)

9) Ringing the Bell: “When someone accepts an offer for a job or internship, he or she rings a bell with colleagues and friends. I love celebrating people’s accomplishments, so it’s been a joy to have a Scheller tradition centered on cheering each other’s big wins. It is such a boisterous representation of the collaborative, supportive community at Scheller. I’ve sat through many interviews with classmates where we both knew we were competing for an offer. While I know in many contexts this would create an air of secrecy and competition, at Scheller we work together to ensure we all look and perform our best. This type of collaboration is a primary characteristic of this program, and I have been thrilled and honored to perpetuate it while here.”
Nona Black (’20)

10) Diwali Celebration: “I was already a fan of all things dancing, music, color, and lights, but participating in Diwali was a new treat for me! Since we have a small program, we love to celebrate each student’s backgrounds and interests. I like introducing my classmates to Southern food and culture, so it was exciting to flip the table and be introduced to Indian dishes, music, and dance moves. So many students come out of their shells for the first time at Diwali, and it helps enhance the feeling of belonging that is vital to our community.”
Jasmine Howard (’20)

MBA Student Hometown Undergrad Alma Mater Last Employer
Claire Bilkert Marietta, GA University of Georgia Lowe’s Home Improvement
Katherine Crosby Atlanta, GA Harvard University Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
Angel Daniels Atlanta, GA Michigan State University E*TRADE
Maria Harper Macomb, MI University of Missouri Planview Inc.
Anthony J. Hodge Columbus, OH Ohio State University HoneyBaked Ham Company
Suzy Livingston Jupiter, FL University of Florida Florida Atlantic University
Daniel Odinaka Okegbu Imo State, Nigeria Georgia Tech U.S. Army Research Lab
Francesca Sally Denver, CO Northeastern University Jacobs Engineering Group
Jarrod Snell Marietta, GA University of Mississippi U.S. Army
Scott Spencer Marietta, GA Georgia Tech Haskell
Luis Trejo Mexico City, Mexico Universidad Iberoamericana Sintec Consulting
Youngtak Lee Seoul, South Korea University of Virginia Samsung Electronics

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