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3 Key Traits of a Strong MBA Resume

The resume is one of the most important components in your MBA application. In fact, experts say, the resume often serves as the foundation to your entire application.

“The resume provides the framework through which your essays will be read, and it will form the basis for the questions you’ll be asked in your interview,” according to Shemmasian Academic Consulting. “In other words, your resume will be referred to during the admissions process far more often than any other application component.”

Jody Keating, an expert coach at Fortuna Admissions, recently discussed a few ways that applicants can craft a standout MBA resume.


When it comes to job descriptions in your MBA resume, Keating recommends highlighting impactful examples of how you excel in a position, rather than simply highlight what your job entails.

“Get specific about why the work you performed was important to the company, offering relevant details and numbers,” Keating writes. “Demonstrate your understanding of the bottom line as well as the bigger picture. This is also about showing you can transition to a management or leadership role post-graduation.”


One way that applicants can demonstrate the how is by quantifying their accomplishments.

“Things such as monetary value to the firm of your client, number of people involved, budget amounts, number of visitors to your website – these types of metrics make your resume much stronger,” Keating writes. “Even descriptive values and numbers convey the visual impression of analytical ability.”


A strong MBA resume, Keating says, will always include precise examples that demonstrate what you’ve accomplished in a specific job.

“Consider using a sub-header like, ‘selected projects include,’” Keating writes. “Remember, it’s better to have two awesome bullets than six boring ones, so it’s okay to leave out parts of your day-to-day job.”

Sources: Fortuna Admissions, Shemmassian Academic Consulting

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