$40 Million In New Funding For Scholarships At This Top U.S. B-School

Emory University Goizueta Business School

From Emory University Goizueta Business School: Emory Goizueta has recently doubled down on its longstanding priority to drive scholarship funding to attract the best and brightest students. Student scholarships are a key fundraising priority of its capital campaign, and Goizueta has already secured more than $41 million in new scholarship donations with three more years of the campaign remaining.

“The cost of pursuing a graduate degree is a significant investment,” said Melissa Rapp, associate dean of graduate admissions at Goizueta. “Scholarships provide individual students financial relief and allow our school to attract the most sought-after student talent. More broadly, this funding benefits communities by establishing a pipeline of diverse and talented students prepared to join or rejoin the workforce.”

Students admitted into any of Goizueta’s graduate programs benefit from small-by-design program classes known for a collaborative culture and highly experiential learning model.

“Scholarships allow us to deliver on our promise of preparing principled leaders that positively influence business and society,” says Gareth James, John H. Harland dean of Goizueta Business School. “Equity is key. We’re committed to pursuing a business world where all people are included, and diversity is celebrated. There’s a wellspring of knowledge and innovation that can come from broadening perspectives and elevating voices that haven’t often been heard.”

While Goizueta has made substantial progress, the school has set even larger goals for the future, targeting to raise $160 million through Emory University’s “2O36” campaign.

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Source: Southern Cross University

‘Mapping MBA Paths’: Exploring how people approach getting an MBA

From Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia: As workers brainstorm ways to achieve their dream careers, they may want to consider returning to school. According to a new report from a university in Australia, over 50% of graduated MBA holders reported feeling very satisfied with their job title.

Because of significant competition for job promotions and salary raises in today’s job market, many employees wonder how they can achieve their dream position or, on the flip side, how employers can retain current talent. In a recent survey, nearly 400 current and graduated MBA holders were asked how earning an MBA influenced their job/salary satisfaction.

Key findings:

  • Nearly 54% of MBA holders stated their employer helped them pay for their MBA
  • Over half of current MBA candidates were very satisfied with their salaries pending graduation
  • Roughly 7 in 10 MBA holders ages 30+ started their MBA to increase their future earning potential

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Students recall online course content better when taking notes as a team, research finds

From Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education: Students who collaborate on note-taking perform better than individual note-takers when recalling course content from online lectures, while individual note-takers perform better on tasks focused on academic writing, finds new research from Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education.

Matthew Courtney, assistant professor from NU GSE, and colleagues compared individual and collaborative note-taking and how the completeness of students’ notes is associated with performance on quizzes and academic writing tasks. They focused on 186 students on a course learning how to compose a manuscript for an academic journal. Video lectures for the 10-week course were uploaded online.

Students were separated into two conditions — individual note-taking or collaborative note-taking — and used Google Docs to make notes on video content. Those in the collaborative group were asked to do so in small groups of three to five. Towards the end of each week, students took an online quiz testing their knowledge of the video content. Students enrolled in the scientific writing course also submitted five individual writing assignments.

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