MBA Admissions: Tips for 2023

MBA Admissions: Tips for 2023

MBA applications declined in 2022, but experts say that doesn’t necessarily mean getting into business school got less competitive.

Fortune recently offered expert tips on what applicants need to know about MBA admissions in 2023 and how they can best set themselves up for success in the coming year.


The MBA application process consists of several components—from essays to letters of recommendation. Experts recommend that applicants start their application early to ensure they have enough time to put together a cohesive application.

“Waiting too late to start your application adds the stress of tight timelines to an already very stressful process,” Candy Lee LaBalle, who runs MBA admissions consulting firm LaBalle Admissions, says. “It makes you rush applications, you might not get to apply at enough schools, your recommenders may not have enough time to be truly thoughtful in their letters.”


While many business schools have announced test-optional policies for admission, experts say test scores and quantitative factors such as work experience and GPA still hold importance in the admissions criteria.

“While schools are going to be test-optional for things like tech layoffs—and that’s really great—the school still needs to be able to differentiate to give out scholarships,” Nicole Gwanzura, CEO and founder of Education Advancement Consulting, says.

You’ll also want to ensure your resume tells a comprehensive and coherent story of your career and experiences.

“Often, a resume is written in a voice and structure that only your colleagues can understand. That’s a limited way of putting together a resume,” Devi Vallabhaneni, a managing director with mbaMission, an MBA admissions consultancy, says. “Your family and friends who are in completely different fields should be able to pick up your resume and instantly understand the breadth and depth of your jobs.”


B-schools are constantly looking for applicants who can demonstrate strong leadership qualities. Experts say it’s even more important now to convey how you’ve exercised leadership potential during a major global crisis.

“Applicants who demonstrated success, upward progression, and impact on people and projects despite COVID will naturally stand out in the applicant pool,” Vallabhaneni says.

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