Spotlight On U.S. MiMs: The Master Of Science In Management At Georgetown McDonough School Of Business

Evelyn Williams: “Georgetown McDonough looks at the whole person when considering applications – we want to learn more about you and what you hope to bring to the Georgetown community, the values you hold, and how your background will help contribute to your experiences in the MiM program and beyond.” Photo by: Phil Humnicky/Georgetown

Q&A with Evelyn Williams, founding academic director of the Master of Science in Management program and teaching professor of management at Georgetown McDonough School of Business

P&Q: How is this program different from other MiMs on the market today?

Evelyn Williams: The Georgetown McDonough School of Business Master’s in Management (MiM) program is unique in its focus on diversity, real-world global business consulting experiences, technology and innovation, and commitment to principled leadership.

Since the launch of the Georgetown MiM, we have intentionally recruited and enrolled a diverse cohort of students in order to enrich our classroom discussions, share new perspectives, and prepare students for a global workforce. Our recent graduating Class of 2023 was 51% female, 38% underrepresented minorities, and 41% U.S. diversity – and 42% of those students held international citizenship across 31 countries. In addition to their demographics, our students also come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds both in business and other liberal arts and STEM-related fields, which further strengthens their learning experience as a cohort and creates new pathways for career opportunities.

Georgetown McDonough is consistently recognized for its commitment to building global-ready leaders, and the MiM program exemplifies this mission through its international composition, location in the global capital city of Washington, D.C., and signature Global Business Experience projects. As part of the spring semester, students participate in the Global Business Experience course where they work in small teams and partner with executives from an international organization to tackle a real-world consulting project. Students then travel to their clients’ locations to deliver business recommendations to senior leadership, providing them firsthand experience consulting with multinational and international companies.

Each class is designed with technology and innovation at the forefront to ensure students are prepared for the rapidly evolving world of work. As a STEM-designated program, students will learn programming languages such as Python and R, statistics for decision-making, and receive ongoing exposure to innovative experiential projects and case studies.

Lastly, rooted in Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition, our MiM courses are designed to build principled leaders in business. In their first semester, students take an ethical leadership course to deepen their understanding of ethical and social dimensions of business, setting a foundation of ethical understanding throughout the curriculum. Students then build on these ethical considerations through case studies, classroom discussions, reflections, and other opportunities to put their principled leadership skills into practice.

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What exactly are you looking for in a candidate/applicant?

Beyond academic and professional achievements, we are looking for students who are driven, curious about the world, and ready to commit to an accelerated course load. This 10-month program is specifically designed for recent undergraduates from all backgrounds who are interested in launching their business careers. Georgetown McDonough looks at the whole person when considering applications – we want to learn more about you and what you hope to bring to the Georgetown community, the values you hold, and how your background will help contribute to your experiences in the MiM program and beyond.

What are three or four things that are really core to your program, and how can an applicant best make his or her application express those things?

Our goal at Georgetown McDonough is to craft a diverse class with people who have had varying personal and professional life experiences. When submitting your video or written essays, think carefully about how your unique life experiences, education, and viewpoints will help contribute to the broader community at Georgetown McDonough, as well as what you will gain from collaborating and learning with a diverse cohort.

Global perspectives are integrated into every aspect of your MiM journey at Georgetown. We want to learn more about your views of the world, your international experiences and perspectives, and why global education is important to your career as a business leader.

The Georgetown MiM program is STEM-designated to ensure students receive the management, technology, and innovation expertise that employers value. It is also an accelerated, 10-month program. In your application, showcase from your past experiences how you’ll be able to manage a rigorous curriculum and manage your time efficiently while in the program.

In what ways can a Master’s in Management provide an advantage over an MBA?

The Georgetown MiM is designed for early-career professionals who desire a strong business foundation to kickstart their careers. In less than a year, students will learn business principles, gain hands-on global experience, connect with business leaders and alumni, receive customized career advice and support, and build a solid foundation to launch their professional careers after graduation. The ability to learn among a cohort of other rising professionals with 0-3 years of experience within a short timeframe is a key differentiator of the MiM program.

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What are some impressions of your program that you’d like to dispel, and what are some things about the curriculum and community that you’d like more people to know about?

Central to the Georgetown experience is the connection to our renowned McDonough community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who collaborate, mentor, and support one another during their time at Georgetown and beyond. Our commitment to the Jesuit value of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, extends beyond the classroom – we focus on students’ mental and physical wellbeing through mentorship, attentive leadership, enriching community experiences, and so much more. This idea of whole-person education is something that is difficult to envision until you are a part of our community, but once you are here, it is a transformative part of the Georgetown experience.

As a school based in Washington, D.C., students often have the impression that their career pathways are limited to options at the intersection of business and public policy, but that is not the case! In addition to a wide range of government organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs, the region is home to 16 Fortune 500 companies, more than 16,000 technology companies, and has been consistently recognized as a top hub for entrepreneurial talent. I encourage you to review our recent employment report to learn more about the varied career opportunities available to you across numerous sectors and industries.


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