MBA Data That Matters: P&Q’s Complete Stats Collection Of 2023

Every number tells a story. It may be stuffed into cells, but it represents far more. It can answer if you beat internal or market expectations. It can reveal patterns or trends. Most times, data raises questions: Should you invest more and accelerate growth – or scale back and focus elsewhere? In many cases, data can expose conflicts, drive action, symbolize themes, and foreshadow events.

Think of data as fate – the unseen, snowballing force fueled by small choices as much as luck and nature.


In business school decisions, data appears in many forms – and conveys different messages. Did the latest class average a 722 GMAT? Might be wise to re-take the test or better differentiate yourself in the application essay. Are applications down at your target school? Is this cyclical based on past data – or a sign that the program may have lost a step? A $195,000 base pay for graduates? Might want to dig down to see if the numbers are inflated by finance packages or depressed by marketing offers.

For MBA applicants, data can flag inconsistencies or opportunities. At Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School, for example, the percentage of U.S. minorities jumped by 22% this fall – after holding at 43% for the past two years. What does that mean, particularly when the percentage of women and international students have also climbed by 12 and 8 points over the past three years? It could come down to better financial support, programming, or support. In the end this data tips applicants off that Cornell Johnson is either doing something different or better. Similarly, Wharton grads reported flat starting median pay growth in 2023. This comes on the heels of a near 13% rise the previous year. Even more, several Wharton peers, such as Stanford GSB and Chicago Booth, produced pay bumps for their 2023 graduates. Is this an anomaly, a correction – or something answered by alterations in graduate career choices? That’s data – the story element in search of a larger narrative.

Yes, every data point direct can steer you on a path. MBA pay? it can tell you the early return on investment – particularly when you tunnel down into specific industries. GMAT or GRE scores? They represent your floors and ceilings when you factor in ranges. In themselves, they are simply a scene – if not a shard of dialogue – in a larger narrative. At their best, they encourage MBA candidates to keep digging, asking, and pursuing – just like any good story.

Wondering what the data means and why it matters at your target schools? From test scores to pay, here is the latest data you need to factor in to find your business school fit.


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