Meet the EPGP Class of 2024: AKSHAY AGGARWAL, Indian Institute of Management Indore


Indian Institute of Management, Indore

“Avid reader, business enthusiast, swimmer. Seasoned basketball player valuing trust and integrity, excelling in academics and leadership.”

Hometown: Delhi

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have binge-watched the entire Prison Break series in a week.

Undergraduate School and Major: B. Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, GGSIPU, Delhi

Most Recent Employer and Job Title: Eshopbox Ecommerce Private Limited, Senior DevOps Engineer

Aside from your classmates, what was the key part of IIM Indore’s MBA programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? Selecting the perfect curriculum held immense significance. After a hiatus of over 5 years, returning to rigorous studies required a tailored approach. This marked my final formal education, a chance to establish enduring foundations. Opting for a curriculum that offered fundamental comprehension and practical application became paramount in my pursuit of emerging as a comprehensive business leader post-graduation. In this endeavor, IIM Indore resonated profoundly. Its comprehensive courses spanned the essentials, nurturing entry into the corporate business world. The institute’s case-based pedagogy seamlessly translated learning into valuable insights, making my decision resonate.

What has been your favorite course or extracurricular activity at IIM Indore? What has been the most important lesson that you have learned from it? One extracurricular activity I cherish at IIM Indore is swimming in the Olympic swimming pool. I had never thought that I would find the time and, more than that, enjoy swimming during this rigorous 10-month MBA. My foot fractured while playing badminton at the program’s start; however, after a long rest, I motivated myself to find the time and go for a 40-minute swim every day. When I started after 9 years, I could not cover the breadth in a single go. However, now I can complete 1 full length (to-and-fro) in a single attempt. My learning from this experience has been to remain dedicated and disciplined. If you want to improve and keep pushing yourself daily, show up no matter what. Today, I have improved my form and physical strength and am more actively involved in all activities than when I started the course in April. My most important takeaway would be to stay afloat in challenging waters.

Describe your biggest accomplishment in your career so far: My biggest accomplishment so far has been my journey to IIM Indore. Post engineering, I started working in the sales & marketing domain with a small consumer goods business, K.D. Engineering Works. From there, I transitioned into IT as a DevOps Engineer by upskilling myself through courses and certifications. In my last job, I was recognized as one of the top performers in the organization. Since I had a knack for business, I always wanted to do an MBA but couldn’t do so due to unforeseeable circumstances until now. As time passed, I was starting to lose hope of doing an MBA from a premier institute such as IIM-Indore. However, I decided not to let myself down and again geared up, studied for the GMAT exam alongside a full-time IT job, and secured a place amongst the most talented students in the country as an EPGP participant at IIM Indore.

Describe your biggest accomplishment as an MBA student so far: Well, I have reached almost halfway through my MBA journey. Upon reflecting over these last 4 months, I see a remarkable change in myself as a person on both personal and professional fronts. Earlier, I was still determining how I wanted to pave the path for my future, but being here at IIM Indore has helped me realize my goals and objectives and chalk out a way to achieve them. I agree that everything cannot be planned, but it is crucial to have a flexible plan to adopt and adapt to changes as life progresses. The MBA curriculum and interaction with peers, faculties, eminent speakers, and students from other programs have helped me develop a broader perspective of what I want to do. Now, I know how to do it, which is my most significant accomplishment in the MBA journey. I am sure many more opportunities await me at Planet-I to showcase my skills and talent.

What has been your most memorable experience at IIM Indore? Why was it so special? My most cherished memory at IIM Indore is the unforgettable moments I shared with friends. From initially being strangers to becoming the closest companions, we’ve exchanged confidential stories, often accompanied by mischievous laughter. Despite the impending competition for placements, our mutual support never wavers. This spirit is a hallmark of IIM Indore, fostering camaraderie and an openness to diverse experiences. This is so special to me because I have fostered life-long solid friendships with some of my peers who have always been there with me throughout my journey here, and we shall always accompany each other on this journey called life.

What do you hope to do after graduation? I aspire to gain new experiences and learnings that will propel me toward effective leadership in the business world. With a vision to acquire business acumen and hone my leadership skills in the business world, I aim to work in or with Fortune 500 companies and eventually become a purpose-driven CEO, contributing to society. On the personal front, I would like to travel the world and explore new places and cultures, as traveling enables a lot of learning that cannot be obtained from the confines of a room.


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