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About Me:

I have a well-rounded background, including operations and finance. I started with a small business for which I learned warehouse operations, sales, back office, and management. Then, I went to college, graduated, and went into finance, primarily working in commercial banking, investment banking, and private equity.


Target School: Kellogg SOM

Considering: Yale, Cornell Johnson, Tepper

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Ohio State University

Undergrad Major: Economics

GPA: 3.5

GMAT: 700

Age: 34,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Volunteer Tutor - Inner City School Students | Philanthropic Leadership Development Program - Graduate | Chaired Young Adult Event - Over 200 attendees

Work History:

Title: Private Equity - Associate

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 1 mos

Title: Investment Banking Analyst

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Boutique Firm

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 6 mos

Big Life Wins:

I ran a branch office for a marketing firm and was the #1 branch manager in the entire division. I led deals from start to finish as an investment banker, and also on the buy side in private equity.

Post MBA Goal:

I would like to start a search fund and run my own company.


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  • Admissionado | Odds Assessment: 25%

    Congratulations on your accomplishments in marketing, banking, and on the buy side. At 34, you will likely have about 12 years of work experience upon applying, or about triple the average for full-time, 2-year MBA applicants applying to Kellogg. This, more than anything else, will be the biggest detractor that you’ll have to address in your application.
    Your application needs to answer “why MBA?” and “Why MBA now?” in a way that doesn’t look like you’ve stagnated mid-career. Your application essays need to show rather than tell why you need an MBA to accomplish your goals without undercutting what you’d be capable of achieving without one.
    A quasi-entrepreneurial path (e.g., raising a search fund to purchase a company) for an older MBA candidate without direct …

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The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 10%

  • 10% | 2 years ago

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