Mr. Young European Consultant

About Me:

I am an engineering graduate from MIT. Worked for a Tier2 consulting firm for 1 year in Central Europe and will soon start at another Tier2 in the Nordics. I’ll have c.22 months of work experience by the time I start my MBA.


Target School: Harvard

Considering: Stanford GSB, Wharton, Columbia, Chicago Booth, Yale

See More Profiles For: Harvard

Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: German TU9

Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering

GPA: Top 3% of undergrad class

GMAT: 750

Age: 26,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Master's degree

School Name: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Extracurriculars: Co-Founder of an organization in the educational sector.

Work History:

Title: Management Consultant

Industry: Consulting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Title: Management Consultant

Industry: Consulting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 10 mos

Big Life Wins:

Recently, I co-founded and became president of an organization aimed to provide minorities in my home country with better academic and career perspectives.

Post MBA Goal:

My goal is to stay in consulting and in the firm I will start working for, since I fell in love with both the consulting industry and the firm’s corporate culture and resources. I hope to optimize my business intuition and leadership skills through the MBA, with the long-term goal to become a partner.


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  • 40% | 3 years ago

    Great profile
  • 40% | 3 years ago

  • 40% | 3 years ago

    If you don't make it, it will be because of work experience. Still worth a shot man! Good luck!
  • 45% | 3 years ago

    Hello Mr. Young European Consultant! Krista from mbaMission here. I'm going to cut right to the chase. You are very interesting. B-schools don't get enough European candidates and especially ones like you with lots of international experience and a great GMAT score to boot! If you can put together compelling applications that are easy to understand (remember AdComs are not engineers), I think you'll do well at CBS, Booth, and Yale. H/S/W are a bit tougher to predict for me because typically, they look for a bit more full-time work experience. You should definitely apply of course -- I want to be wrong here -- but just go in knowing that you have to sell your expertise!! I think this will be a fun process for you. ...
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  • 70% | 3 years ago

  • 10% | 3 years ago

  • 40% | 3 years ago

  • 15% | 3 years ago

  • 10% | 3 years ago

    Great stats but weak on experience - odds would be much better with more experience, especially if it can show leadership and impact.
  • 75% | 3 years ago

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