Ms. Audit Meme

About Me:

Russian, UK resident.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Manchester

Undergrad Major: Economics

GPA: 3.5

GMAT: 710

Age: 29,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: ACA

School Name: ICAEW

Extracurriculars: Co-created University of Manchester consulting society in 2012, own an Etsy shop, peer mentor to first year and international students. Top UK tutor at work.

Work History:

Title: Audit Manager

Industry: Accounting

Company: Top Firm

Length of Employment: 7 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

Went on a 3-month work secondment to New Zealand, selected from approx 80 applicants at work.

Post MBA Goal:

Tech, PMM at FAANG London


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  • John A. Byrne, P&Q Founder & Editor-In-Chief | Odds Assessment: 40%

    Hey Ms. Audit Meme, I think you make an excellent candidate for London Business School. Your stats are in line with the school; you clearly work for a top accounting firm and have the experience to contribute in class. Sure, we can nitpick a few things. Your GPA could be higher; over your seven years at work and you should have received a couple of promotions (and maybe you have but didn’t mention them). It’s vitally important to show that you are successful at work, through promotions or increased responsibility or ever higher challenging assignments that are given to you. The fact that you co-founded the consulting society at Manchester is a real positive. So is your volunteer work as a tutor and peer mentor. …

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