Ms. Food Waste Warrior

About Me:

I am an enthusiastic marketer who works to save the world one meal at a time. I head marketing in the Middle east for a food tech company that helps chefs cut food waste in the kitchen while being sustainable and efficient. I’m a huge believer that a sustainable and innovative business is the way forward. My biggest asset is my love for learning.


Target School: Cornell Johnson

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Undergrad Major: Bachlors in Commerce

GPA: 3.27

GMAT: Not written yet (around 680)

Age: 22,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: Licentiate Degree

School Name: Insurance Institute of India

Extracurriculars: Event organisation - organised national level business fests at university, Investing in the stock market, Theatre, Improv, and Script writing

Work History:

Title: Marketing Assistant

Industry: Technology

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 1 yr, 6 mos

Title: Marketing Specialist

Industry: Construction Management

Company: Small business

Length of Employment: 1 yr

Big Life Wins:

Lead on a successful product launch event, and got great press from 10 top news agencies. Lead on writing, designing and publishing of a book by my company. Lead on the production and direction of an advertisement to be featured in cinemas across the UAE. Organized 3 national-level business fests at university. Got a proficiency in marketing.

Post MBA Goal:

I hope to expand my knowledge and get a global outlook by meeting new people and learning about the topics I care about.


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  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 20%

    Hi Ms. Food Waste Warrior,
    This is Debbie, Senior Consultant at mbaMission. We need more folks like you! I like your passion for food sustainability and experience working with the community. I see that you have put your marketing skills to good use organizing community events, press, and product launches. Most top US programs prefer candidates to have between 3-6 years of full-time work experience under their belt when they apply. My estimate of your odds is based on your current profile. I think if you continue to excel at work (eg. get promoted, receive increasing responsibilities, take initiatives, etc), and obtain a solid GMAT score (680 would be great), you will be in a great position in a couple years to be successful at your …

    4 years ago Read the full review
  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 20%

    Hi, it’s Jennifer Jackson at Stratus Admissions. I love seeing your passion for sustainability and reducing food waste. Your work experience is great but on the light side. You’ll be a stronger candidate in a year or two, and that would also give you time to perhaps engage in an extracurricular related to your goals. A leadership role would be ideal. If you’re going to come in under a school’s average GMAT you might consider taking the GRE instead. You’re coming from an over-represented demographic so your score should be at a school’s average or above if possible. Your work experience in the Middle East is great to see and you probably have some good stories around cultural differences between India and UAE. Be sure …

    4 years ago Read the full review

The Community Currently Rates The Odds At: 20%

  • 20% | 4 years ago

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