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IESE Business School at the University of Navarra

MBA Program Stats

Annual Tuition: €105,000

Annual Tuition Non-Resident: €105,000

Full-Time Enrollment: 351

Median GMAT: 670

Median GRE: V: 160 | Q: 161

International: 86%

Female: 35%

Male: 65%

Average Age: 29

What You Need To Know

In any discussion of IESE, “integrity” and “impact” are often mentioned. This is a business school that takes the idea that business leaders can have a huge effect on the world very seriously. This MBA program, ranked No.2 MBA in the region by the Economist this year, was launched in 1964 as the first two-year MBA in Europe.

Based in Barcelona but with outposts in Madrid, Munich, New York, and São Paulo, IESE also has a global outlook. Barcelona is a great place to get a degree for many reasons – because of its strategic location as a gateway to Europe, its unique blend of professional opportunities, and the diverse and dynamic business environment. Depending on career interests, another benefit to studying at this campus is that it’s near top companies like Banco Santander, Inditex, Telefónica, Amadeus, Accenture, and Puig which have a history of hiring MBAs.

Academics And Programs

The IESE MBA class size is around 350 students on average each year, and students are given the flexibility to complete their MBA in 15 or 19 months depending on their needs. The B-School takes their curriculum seriously, with the phrase “The first year is ours and the second year is yours,” commonly heard among IESE faculty. 

The first three terms teach Foundations for Effective Leadership, followed by summer corporate internship and entrepreneurial experiences. The B-School wants students to experience what it means to be a leader – operating in the spotlight, setting priorities, breaking down problems, and leveraging their peers’ strengths.

Along with traditional business courses, IESE includes a unique and unconventional core curriculum such as a business ethics course, with options to take others in the same ballpark such as Stress Management and Well-being. This is unique to IESE because very few MBA programs look to explicitly instill business ethics in their students.

The MBA is topped off in terms four and five with the Consolidate Transformation section, which helps students to broaden their horizons. Students can take Overseas Modules of up to four weeks in São Paulo, New York, Shanghai or Nairobi, and up to a whole term in one of the school’s 30 exchange partners.

There’s no lack of electives, with around 100 options and even the option to choose concentrations in International Business, Finance, Data Analytics & Digital Business, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, to earn a specialization along with their MBA.

“The first year of the MBA at IESE is very challenging with essentially 3 cases per day, 5 days a week. It adds up to about 4,000 pages of reading. Add on top of the academics the time spent on recruiting and extracurricular activities and you get very busy very fast. However, after having been through that first year and reflecting back, I can definitely say that all that effort pays off. Coming from a non-business background, my learning curve was steep and the academic rigor of IESE allowed me to become a full 360-degree manager now. When we started the MBA, we were told by faculty and students to ‘trust the process’ and I’m glad I did,” says MBA Marc-Olivier Granger.

Why Students Chose

“Aside from the location and the multicultural and international class, one of the main reasons I chose IESE for my MBA program was because of the values and principles of the school. I feel IESE’s mission of developing leaders who will have a positive long-lasting impact on their communities (people, firms, society) really resonates with my personal view of life; it is aligned with what I want to achieve as a business leader in my country in the future.” Oscar Bravo (‘24)

“I picked IESE Business School for a couple of reasons, mainly because of its vision and its emphasis on entrepreneurship. What really stood out to me, and still does, is the school’s focus on making a difference. This can be seen in many ways, such as their ‘Doing Good Doing Well’ conference, the incorporation of the 17 UN sustainable development goals in every class, and the emphasis on sustainability in the curriculum.” Marco Goffi (‘24)

“One of the biggest reasons why I chose IESE was the strong academics that the school offers. I love to learn, and really wanted a program that would challenge me to explore a variety of new topics in a short period. It has only been 4 months, but I feel like I have much more knowledge than I would have been able to receive anywhere else.” Raghad Gomaa (‘24)

“Entrepreneurship has always been a dream of mine and is also one of the most important aspects that drew me to IESE. The large alumni base makes it an attractive institution in which to explore and experiment with what it takes to start a new company or business. Events like the Search Fund Conference also draw professionals in the field from all over the world to Barcelona, providing yet another opportunity for me to learn from the best.” Cynthia Kreng

“The reason why I chose the IESE MBA program is that IESE is a business school which is leading search fund study all over the world. My post-MBA career goal is starting my own search fund in Japan. However, search funds are still quite a new scheme in Japan and there are only a few searchers as of today and a small community to rely on. In contrast, search funds are very common in Spain and since 2011, IESE has been working on the study of them in conjunction with Stanford. Now IESE is known as one of the best search fund schools in the world. During this program, I want to acquire know-how and network with the search fund community.” Yasushi Kobayashi (‘24)

Career Stats

Compensation Statistics of IESE MBA Graduates

Compensation   Statistics 2022 2021 2019 2017
Average Base Salary € 92,500 € 87,613 € 85,046 € 81 221

IESE MBA Graduate Employment Offers

Timing of Job   Offer 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
% w/ offer within 3 months of graduation 95 94 87 94 94

Industry Choices of IESE MBAs

% of MBAs Employed   by Industry Sector 2022 2021 2019 2018
Consulting 33% 34% 33% 31%
Consumer Goods/Retail 7%
Energy & Manufacturing 8%
Finance 21% 25% 20% 19%
Healthcare 11%
Other 2%
Technology 18% 17% 26% 20%
Industry 24%

Admissions For IESE

From IESE Business School

IESE Business School is a trailblazer in leadership development whose globally renowned Full-Time MBA is aimed at people with inquisitive minds and global outlooks who aspire to leave a positive mark on the world.

Ranked the #10 MBA in the world and #3 in Europe (Financial Times), the program is delivered in Barcelona and led by faculty from 30-plus countries with PhDs from the world’s top schools. Its general management approach, global outlook (IESE is #2 in the world for international course experience according to the Financial Times), bilingual immersion, and ethical focus permeate every facet of the program, setting it apart from other MBAs and contributing to a thriving career.

IESE´s MBA is highly customizable, with the option to complete it in 15 or 19 months, a broad array of electives, as well as the chance to take part in internships, overseas modules, and exchange programs. Students can further tailor the MBA to their needs by choosing a core area of concentration: international business, finance, data analytics, digital business, or entrepreneurship and innovation. Join us at one of our many events to learn more.

For recent graduates and young professionals in the early stages of their working lives, IESE Business School also offers the Master in Management (MiM). The 11-month program delivered in Madrid focuses on developing the essential analytical skills and knowledge needed to flourish professionally. With 63% of international participants, the MiM students get prepared to launch their career and make a positive impact on the world, using the Case Method to discuss real business situations with a global perspective. Not sure if this master’s degree suits your profile, needs, and ambitions? You can meet the MiM Admissions team to guide you during this next professional step or attend one of our upcoming events.

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Mr. Army Guy

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Mr. FinTech Startup

Technology driven individual with exposure to retail banking across the African continent.

Mr. Fresh Perspective

LGBTQ, 1st gen English speaker & college graduate.

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Mr. Lobstery

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Rankings Data For IESE

Year Poets&Quants
2023-2024 2
2022-2023 1
2021-2022 5

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