Best 40-Under-40 Professor Nicolas Glady

“The impressive thing with Nicolas Glady, is that he succeeds in what very few teachers know how to do: to take very advanced knowledge and theories and teach them in the most modern way. He is an extremely intelligent and skilled young teacher, a catalyst for talent, who excels in all the disciplines he teaches.  After completing his course in marketing strategy, I chose Nicolas as my tutor and discovered a teacher who is always available and accurate in the advice he gives. Nicolas Glady is a young, dynamic Associate Professor at ESSEC that I’m proud to have in my network.”

Driss Bennouna, Moroccan, Master of Science in Management

Professor Glady is the natural embodiment of the often contrasting figures of a business-thinker and a real geek: I guess, this combination is exactly what makes his classes so exciting and dynamic. While teaching complicated and, at first glance, obscure, empirical models he never failed to illustrate his points with a practical business application or a funny story. When class was finished, I never left wondering about the real-life applicability of theoretical models, instead I left feeling inspired by the clever solutions to the business problems I had learned, intellectually stimulated and, at times, amused by unexpected jokes or video-game metaphors.  His classes are really fun!

Yana Ponomarova, Ukrainian, PhD

Pr. Glady is, to me, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had: I believe it is because he is as much a real nerd as an “efficient” teacher. His tour-de-force is that he is able to mesmerize his students with highly technical materials. As a teacher he is very demanding: his teaching focuses less on theoretical knowledge than on case-based reasoning and empirical analyses, he never hesitates to rely on his own professional experience to foster an actual know-how in his students. I regard him as a sort of mentor because he is a technical person, an irresistible salesman, an enthralling speaker, and a dedicated teacher. His work as a teacher doesn’t end at the end of the class. He believes in education and its challenges: if you go to him with questions, arguments or doubts, his first reaction is likely to be: “Ok but, first, what do you want to learn from me?”   

Thomas Jeanneney-Moreandeau, French, Master of Science in Management

ESSEC Business School’s Nicolas Glady is described as a young, pioneering thought leader with a well-balanced vision of innovation. His areas of expertise lie in marketing analytics, the big data revolution, and other hot topics in marketing management. Showcasing his ability to bridge academic theory with real-world practice, Glady is the founding chair holder of the Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair; this partnership between ESSEC and Accenture serves as a center for development and exchange between business practitioners and professors from varying disciplines. Glady is also the youngest founder of a Chair at any business school throughout France.

Within ESSEC’s MBA program, Glady is highly admired by students. His Marketing Management class is one of the most-requested courses. In 2013, students awarded him the Marketing Teacher Award.

 Nicolas Glady is among “The World’s 40 Best B-School Profs Under the Age of 40


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