What It’s Like To Get A ‘Yes!’ From A Top Business School

Mary Ellen Lamb, Wharton’s deputy vice dean for admissions, says this video “gives me goose bumps every time” she sees it.

Well, we understand why.

With the kind of production values that would please Martin Scorsese–and enough pretty people in it to think the school hired models to portray its MBA students–this clip sells Wharton like few promos ever do.

It’s that slick.

On the other hand, it captures the thrill of getting that welcoming phone call from admissions. You know, the one that makes you want to do a happy dance, jump several feet in the air, and shout YES at the top of your lungs.

The recently released footage was made by Wharton for its 2014 Welcome Weekend for admits this year. We share it with you here because this week is a big one for Round 2 admits to Wharton, but also to Kellogg, Darden, Harvard, Stanford, and Booth.

When the Round 1 decisions came out, Lamb wrote that “while giving out good news is fun, we can’t ignore the fact that this day comes with bad news for some – it is unfortunate that we cannot accept every outstanding candidate that we met this round.”

You won’t find the dinged in this video, of course.

But the messaging is nearly universal for anyone who gets a clear admit from a top business school this week.


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