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Pricing Strategy

School: IE Business School

Platform: Coursera

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Start Date: July 31, 2017

Workload: Not Specified.

Instructor: Martin Boehm

Credentials: A professor of marketing, Boehm’s research focuses on developing profitable and long-term customer relationships. He holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in marketing from Frankfurt University. Along with his teaching, he has served as dean of programs at IE Business School and dean of undergraduate students at IE University. Prior to entering academia, he worked at Wellington Partners and Bain & Company.

Graded: Students can choose to explore course videos, discussions, and ungraded assignments for free, but they won’t be able to submit graded assignments, earn a certificate, or complete a specialization without paying a $119 fee.

Description: The marketing mix is comprised of the “Four P’s”: Product, price, place and promotion. In this course, students will study how to evaluate and formulate price point options to reinforce brand, spur demand, and maximize revenue. According to Boehm, price is the most important level, noting that a 10% decrease can require up to a 100% volume increase to accommodate everything from manufacturing and distribution to advertising and wages. In this course, students will master fundamentals like perceived value, the demand curve and cost-based vs. value-based pricing. After the course is completed, students will be able to formulate competitive pricing that align with what consumers are willing to pay.

Review: “In my opinion it is the best course in the specialization. Excellent sources articles and book to study and expand the price knowledge. The course gave enough encouragement to learn more.” For additional reviews, click here.

Additional Background: This course is the second part of a “Marketing Mix Implementation” specialization,” a four course series that includes a capstone project. To learn more about these courses and register for them, click here.