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Managing Uncertainty in Marketing Analytics

School: Emory University

Platform:  Coursera

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Start Date: February 5, 2018

Workload: Not Specified

Instructor: David Schweidel

Credentials: Schweidel is an associate professor of marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, where he is also co-director of the Emory Marketing Analytics Center. His research focuses on both using social media to gather market intelligence and applying customer behavior models to better measure customer value.

Graded:  Students must success complete all graded assignments to complete the course.

Description: Data may be input, output is based on calculations that can be colored by assumptions or incomplete and ‘fuzzy’ information. Such variables can create an uncertainty that undermines the precision expected from marketing analytics. To hedge against this, marketers often build uncertainty into their models and decision-making. In this course, students will identify potential sources of uncertainty and practice reducing it through various marketing models. As part of the course, student swill also master statistical concepts like Monte Carlo simulations and probability distributions.

Review: “In one word: USEFUL. And that is a lot these days. I use the concepts (and excel tools) everyday!” For additional reviews, click here.

Additional Notes: This is the second of six courses in the school’s “Foundations of Marketing Analytics” specialization. To learn more about this specialization and register for it, click here.