Favorite Professors Of Best & Brightest MBAs

Stanford GSB’s Anne Beyer

“As a complete newbie to accounting, I loved studying the subject with Dr. Anne Beyer. She made the material not only accessible but interesting. Her course was designed to be almost entirely hands-on, and she constantly provided real world examples about how and when we could apply this knowledge. Learning from her was a great start to my time at the GSB.”

Samanthe Tiver Belanger, Stanford GSB

Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, Professor of Strategy. His teaching style was unique, relying heavily on interactive participation. Not only did he encourage participants to engage in the discussions, but he also motivated us to build on each other’s ideas and concerns, facilitating a dynamic teaching environment. He gave all of us the opportunity to voice our perspectives and stimulated healthy and often amusing debates. His palpable passion for the field and sensible explanations cultivated in me a genuine interest in the subject. His enthusiasm and didactic approach made it easy for all of us to relate and appreciate the relevance of strategy in theory and practice.”

Valerie Cuevas, IMD

“My favorite MBA professor was Metin Sengul. His teaching method for case studies was intense, but his objective was for everyone in the class to really understand the main points of the case. He challenged students’ views and raised compelling issues. I often felt out of my comfort zone in his class, but that is what truly made it such a valuable learning experience. I was always impressed with how prepared he was for class and how hard he worked to get everyone involved.”

Sairah Mahmud, Boston College (Carroll)

Notre Dame Mendoza’s Jeff Miller

“Professor Jeff Miller taught our Financial Accounting I and Financial Accounting II courses. Having never taken accounting before, I was admittedly nervous before our first class. Yet, Professor Miller’s genuine passion for the subject, incredible sense of humor, and ability to simplify highly complex material for accounting newcomers like myself made me extremely grateful to have him as my teacher. Most importantly, Professor Miller sprinkled in stories from his professional and personal life that truly made me stop and think about the bigger picture.”

Alex Prosperi, Notre Dame University (Mendoza)

“Professor Heidi Neck is an exceptional educator and instructor. She teaches Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, a first-year course that provides an overview of Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought & Action method of creating, identifying, assessing, shaping, and acting on opportunities. Entrepreneurship can be a bit of a fuzzy, amorphous topic and skill to learn (let along teach), but Professor Neck expertly structured and taught the course. She has been instrumental in helping me decide to start a business of my own and has been an extremely helpful and valuable advisor along the way.”

David James, Babson College (Olin)

“The Strategy professor, Ithai Stern, is my favorite professor. His classes are always well-prepared and he managed to captivate the attention of the students through getting us fully involved. For instance, sometimes some of us surprisingly discover our pictures on the course slides or the professor will ask us to play the role of the directors of the companies he is depicting in class. Another example is that he’ll make us watch The Lion King, before depicting us the strategy applied by the Walt Disney Company. But the most important of all is that all concepts and learnings presented at class will be highly valuable when I build my own company in the long term.”

Fatoumata Sy, INSEAD

“Rice Business faculty are very well-rounded, offering multiple perspectives on different subjects. One professor stood out above the rest, Professor Heber Farnsworth from the Finance and Economics department. His teaching style takes very complicated subject matter and boils it down to its most simple form. I do not have a technical background, but Professor Farnsworth was able to convey quantitative concepts in a way that allowed me to understand the material and then refine my skill set. His teaching style keeps it simple and allows students to see the forest for the trees.”

Stuart Crockford, Rice University (Jones)

University of Texas’ David Harrison

“My favorite professor is Dr. David Harrison. He taught a course entitled Leading People and Organizations. Professor Harrison was engaging and insightful, and provided individualized feedback on our leadership styles. His tools and resources about networking, managing teams, and motivation were applicable in many subsequent interactions with people. Professor Harrison was committed to my growth from the first day of class, and continues to be a resource as I navigate new opportunities to lead.”

Alana Williams, University of Texas (McCombs)

“Professor Connie Hadley teaches Negotiations at Questrom. Professor Hadley was everything you hope for in a teacher. She was always incredibly prepared, effortlessly leading the class between in-class exercises and lectures. She brought a boundless enthusiasm to a subject that could have been very dry. But most importantly, she really cared about her students. Even after the class had wrapped up, she helped me think through a number of big life decisions in a methodical and logical manner.”

Matthew Warshaw, Boston University (Questrom)

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