Meet Quantic’s MBA Class Of 2022

Quantic Student

Two Anecdotes From Quantic Students

Justine Clark

“My name is Justine Clarke and I am a graduating member of the class of 2022. As a software engineer, I found a calling for working with customers and leaned towards product related projects. However, I was at a loss as to how I could make the transition. Enter Quantic. There are many who highlight the convenience of being able to learn on the go with modules catered towards different concentrations but for me, even virtually, it was the richness of the diversity of my cohort.

People came from different backgrounds across STEM and business fields, different countries, cultures and ages / years of experience. It was phenomenal to be exposed to, work alongside, and learn from such pioneering individuals.

Virtual meetups and happy hours also helped enhance our connectedness. Recently, I was nominated and accepted as a fellow of The Partnership, Inc. Associates Program, which is a leadership development program offered to select few at my company, Liberty Mutual.

I am delighted that with the knowledge I have learned from my Quantic MBA, I can show up in this new role with both technical and business acumen, valuable skills that have received notice by the leaders at my company.”

Justine Clarke
Liberty Mutual

Mohammed Farhan Shareef

“Quantic completely changed the way I looked at my skillset. I feel way more comfortable in raising my hand to ask questions and providing my thoughts in meetings with senior leaders in my organization. I think the most important thing that Quantic helped me with was my confidence, with being able to take that leap to bigger roles, knowing that I have had the necessary education and that the coursework and the connections are still accessible to me, should I need to revisit.

I was able to apply the concepts and theories that I learned to a recent project I was working on at my job successfully, which I would have otherwise struggled with.

I am also now able to understand the health of business when the CFO speaks about P&L and also able to clearly understand the strategy of the business that is presented by our CEO every quarter. It feels so refreshing.

For me it wasn’t really about getting the diploma, it was about going through the journey, a discovery of my own abilities and what I found at the end of the course cannot really be described with a certificate.”

Mohammed Farhan Shareef
Strategy Consultant, Solution Engineer



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