Meet Quantic’s MBA Class Of 2022

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What makes the Quantic MBA such a transformative experience? Here are some thoughts from the Class of 2022:

1) Unique Design: “It was the radically novel, mobile-first design of Quantic. It is not an offline program that was re-worked to fit into online formats during COVID times. Instead, it was designed like that in the first place. One can really feel this when working on the concentrations, and it really made the difference for me! Studying towards the Quantic MBA is immensely important for me to accompany my scientific expertise with the business acumen and network to pursue my aim of delivering affordable tools and therapies to people to treat cancer, one of the biggest health threats of our society.”
Benedikt Rechmann

2) Convenience: “I like working in a more agile sense, learning iteratively at a different pace, when it suits me. I live a busy life by choice. Between work, socializing, and board meetings, it’s hard to find time to sit down and watch a long lecture or sit through a long class. This format helps me fit in studying in my personal time so that I have more of a work, study, and life balance.”
Kate Jumeaux

3) Different Learning Styles: “The online functionality and distance education is remarkably familiar as I was taught this way through my master’s degree. The online format is very intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use. It incorporates both my learning styles of both kinesthetics and visualisation. There is no other better way of learning for me.”
Chikaodi Ofoegbu

4) Low Cost: “Quantic shares my ethics about the accessibility of continuous education. They’ve designed this extensive, high quality program in such a way that they’re able to offer it at a price that the degree will more than make up for the cost in the job market. It also included an exclusive way to break into that market.”
Taylor Purcell

5) Year-Long Investment: “I think, apart from the affordable tuition fees, the condensed 13-month MBA program offered by Quantic is definitely one aspect which caught my attention. I was looking for online MBA courses and I found out that most of the courses would take much longer than a year. The duration offered by Quantic’s MBA looks perfect for a person like me, who would like to direct my focus in the program for just about a year. I signed up for the introductory courses (Business Foundations) after doing some research. These courses verified that the mobile-first curriculum method by Quantic is interactive and efficient. It allows me to study on my own pace.”
Kenny Ooi

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This year, the Quantic MBA is trending towards a 6% acceptance rate, eclipsing Stanford GSB (8.9% for the Class of 2022) as the choosiest MBA program. What can potential applicants do to increase their odds of landing a spot? Here are a few thoughts from the Class of 2022:

1) “Have a clear short-, medium-, and long-term career (and life) plan and work it backwards from the end point. The actions that we take today should strategically blend into the big picture.”
Adriana Blachowicz

2) “Incorporate innovation and ambition into your DNA. They look for international talent with potential to have worldwide impact, and it is your job to let Quantic know that’s what you bring to the table.”
Martín Andrés Bayona Barbosa

3) “Carefully selecting your references…[This] will aid in that it corroborates the story presented by you. Select those who know you deeply and who can convey your character and value.”
Laura Reyna

Click on the student links below for in-depth profiles of some of this year’s most promising Quantic MBA students.

MBA Student Hometown Undergraduate Program Employer
Lucky Aziken Uyo, Nigeria University of Benin Vision Care Givers International
Martín Andrés Bayona Barbosa Panamá City, Panamá Universidad Sergio Arboleda Orisaria
Adriana Blachowicz Los Angeles, CA Maria Curie Sklodowska University NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Kate Jumeaux Canberra, Australia Curtin University of Technology Leidos, Australia
Keisuke Kawase Tokyo, Japan International Christian University Google
Chikaodi Ofoegbu London, United Kingdom University of Huddersfield GSK
Kenny Ooi Penang, Malaysia National University of Singapore The Rondo Production
Taylor Purcell Dallas, TX University of Central Florida Cornershop by Uber
Ljiljana Rajacic Zurich, Switzerland University of Belgrade Google
Laura Reyna Bellevue, WA Tecnológico de Monterrey Avanade

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