All The New MBA Courses At The Top U.S. B-Schools


New Course: Storytelling to Influence and Inspire

Instructor: Heidi Schultz

In today’s dynamic and technology-driven world, it’s hard to craft any message that will successfully compete for attention and create connection. One of the oldest tools of influence in human history, storytelling, can help you succeed in ways that other kinds of communication cannot. Storytelling to Influence and Inspire teaches you how to cut through “informational noise,” whether you need to articulate your vision, generate buy-in, share your brand, offer hope, or sell ideas and products. Strategic storytelling enables you to connect with others in an emotional and memorable way, ensuring that your messages stand out and that you can advance your strategic objectives.


New Course: Dare to Lead

Instructor: Brené Brown

Courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, observable, and measurable: Rumbling with vulnerability; living into our values, BRAVING trust, learning to rise. The focus of this course is building these skills and learning how to embed courage in organizational cultures to increase creativity, innovation, accountability, and feedback. We will also explore the differences between armored and daring leadership and the common indicator behaviors we see in organizations that support or undermine courageous cultures. Students who successfully complete the course will receive the Dare to Lead Trained designation.


New Course: DEI for Managers

Instructor: Ella Washington

This course is designed to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, addressing what MBAs need to know (re)entering the workforce and how to prioritize and amplify DEI efforts on their teams, regardless of role. Learning goals include evaluating the multitude of diversity dimensions (gender, race, religion, ability status, LGBTQ, etc.) and how intersectional personal experiences impact needs, engagement, and management; discovering one’s individual commitment to and journey within DEI, plus considering organizational commitments to and journey in DEI; and creating an environment that supports an inclusive culture through understanding strengths development, demonstrating allyship, and managing implicit biases for the delivery of the best innovative solutions.


New Course: Work, Equity, and Wellness

Instructor: Tiffany Johnson

In this course, students learn about and reflect on the historical and present-day intersections of work, racial equity, and wellness. Weekly class discussions are supported by readings, podcasts, and documentaries. Guided by the philosophy of scholars such as Audre Lorde and bell hooks – to heal self on the path to healing society- students will be invited to connect to course content by reflecting on how it resonates with personal and organizational experiences. Students will be assigned to pod-like groups in which they meet regularly, share their reflections & their own wisdom, and offer feedback for each other’s class assignments. The class culminates with students presenting projects that are aimed at reimagining approaches to work, racial equity, and wellness in their personal lives and in workplaces/organizations that they care about.

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